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The Evolution of Aluminum in Cycling: Past, Present and Future

Once upon a time, bikes and components were made primarily out of steel. Then aluminum came along and became the material of choice for cycling industry designers. More recently, the buzz has been all about carbon. Yet despite the hype, carbon isn’t the best choice for every application, and aluminum continues to play an important role in cycling. 

How to Maintain Your Bicycle Drivetrain

There are many parts of your bike that you can easily be looked over when servicing. One of the major groups that cannot be missed is the drivetrain. Chainrings, cassettes, chains and derailleurs should always be clean and lubricated. Once worn out, they should be changed immediately. We explain all the tips and tricks of maintaining your drivetrain in perfect condition.

Wellness benefits of oval Q RINGS

Many dedicated cyclists experience knee pain at some point during their cycling career. By its very nature, cycling means lots of pedal strokes over and over again, which tends to cause chronic, repetitive use injuries such knee pain. All those pedal strokes stress the knee joints, and the effects add up over time.

What Is Bikepacking?

Travelling light, far and with a bike. That is the easiest way of describing bikepacking. Directly derived from cycle touring, and the enormous panniers that were mounted on both sides of the bike, bikepacking is an evolution that allows us to travel lighter and more efficiently whilst pedalling with ease… but maybe without as much freedom. Here, we will explain the secrets of bikepacking.


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