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How Do Disc Brakes Enhance Road Bikes?

Disc brakes are no longer just for mountain bikers. During the past few years, they’ve been steadily spreading onto bikes designed for other disciplines such as road, gravel and cyclo-cross. There are plenty of reasons why, and in this article we explain how disc brakes can improve your road riding experience.

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Why So Many Different Cranks and Which One Suits Me Best?

Cranks come in many different sizes. So how do you know which one is right for you? Well, it depends on a few factors.

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How to Reduce and Relieve Knee Pain

Relative to many sports, cycling is generally good for the knees, but nonetheless, many riders still experience knee pain at some point in their cycling career. Most such knee pain can be attributed to one of three causes: 1) too abruptly ramping up your training or chronic overtraining; 2) changing your equipment or position; and 3) your own anatomy and your body’s biomechanics.

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