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Converting From Double To Single Chainrings: What You Need To Consider

It wasn’t long ago that we all rode triple front chainrings on our mountain bikes. Then the industry switched primarily to double chainring setups. That trend has continued with the shift toward single ring setups. What is different about this latest evolution is that it’s not just about mountain bikes. Many cyclocross, gravel and road riders are also ditching their second ring. Here’s what you need to consider before you make the switch.

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Bike Maintenance: What You Shouldn’t Touch If You’re Not A Professional Mechanic

Ride. Break. Fix. Repeat. Most avid cyclists are familiar with this cycle. If you ride enough, your bike will experience routine wear and tear as well as occasional mechanicals and will sometimes require maintenance.

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10 Reasons to Discover and Ride Gravel

Curious about gravel road riding? Let us help convince you to give it a try with these top 10 reasons to get out and pedal on some gravel.

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