1×12 Lightweight Dream Bike

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fecha8th May 2019

12 speed compatibility to build the bicycle of your dream

Among the principal innovations of ROTOR 1×13 is a pioneering groupset that crosses Road, Gravel & Cyclocross disciplines. Our 1x drivetrain delivers lightness and reliability with optimised gear sequencing and a choice of cassettes so you can focus on the type of cycling you want to do.

We believe we are at a watershed moment in the shift towards 1x systems in drop bar bicycles but we understand many users want to keep their current disc brake wheels and frames.

As a result we have also made our 1x groupset compatible for 12 speed configurations.

Our 1×12 options are the entry point to the ROTOR 1×13 platform without having to change your current 10s / 11s hubs and wheels. Focused on saving precious grams from a full bike set-up, we collaborated with exclusive frame and wheel builders Lightweight to create the bicycle of your dreams.

The result is beautifully finished bike weighing in at an incredible 6,380 kg (Frame size 56). We chose the lightest and most versatile gear range possible in 1×12, with 50-tooth chainring and our 11-36 size 12s cassette. For the drivetrain we installed ALDHU, our lightest and stiffest crankset ever with a complimentary elegant design and a focus on simplicity and efficiency.

For disk brake wheels with the highest dynamic quality compatible with 11 speed freehub body, we chose the Meilenstein 24 D model and opted for the tubular version. No doubt this would not give us the dynamic benefit or the practicality of the new carbon clincher rim systems oversized to fit 28 tires with which to fly to the top of steep climbs and enjoy exhilarating speed in descent.


The handlebar is the Reenbügel 400 mm, 42 cm wide, with generously sized 130 mm Büglehalter stem and the 350 mm Leistungsträger seat-post (before cutting).

For the saddle we looked for a light, exclusive and above all comfortable option. After consulting with trusted bike-fitters, many recommendations led us to Tune and their Komm-vor model. Holding it in your hand it is incredibly light at 98 g, but once installed and tested, we know why it has earned it’s reputation. It is a radical saddle in weight and superbly constructed, designed to perform over thousands of kilometers of pedalling.

Lightness, efficiency, intelligence, exclusivity and reliability is what you can expect from the bike of your dreams. ROTOR 1×13 groupset is also compatible with premium 11-speed wheels, to build the best bike you can imagined with our range of 12-speed cassettes options. (11-36 / 11-39 / 11-46 / 11-52).



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