3 reasons to race an XC-Marathon event like the Mediterranean Epic

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fecha9th March 2021

The days of March 25 to 28 are the ones chosen after the last postponement due to the current Covid-19 situation, and a back-up date has been stipulated from September 16 to 19, if the first dates in spring are cancelled. This year you can no longer participate, since the registration dates are closed, but we will explain 3 reasons why at ROTOR we are proud to be part of such an important event and we encourage you to participate in it. The Mediterranean Epic has the total racing by stages experience.

The Mediterranean Epic is a competition that is held in the province of Castellón and during 4 stages some of the most spectacular areas in the Oropesa de Mar region are covered. It is an individual race, although a specific category is enabled to also participate in couples, however Elite UCI riders may only participate individually.

Compete in the best category, with the best

In just 3 editions, the Mediterranean Epic has obtained the UCI Hors Catégorie category, which implies that if you dare to participate in it, you will be able to race alongside the best riders in the world, from up to 30 different countries, in addition to enjoying the Highest standard of quality and organizational safety. This type of UCI category requires a very careful organization to guarantee the participation of some of the best racers in the world.

The perfect way to debut in XC-Marathon

At ROTOR we know that cross country marathon stage races are gaining more and more followers and are the perfect excuse to face the greatest challenge of a race by stages. The Mediterranean Epic is a fantastic option, taking into account the privileged environment where it takes place and the level of riders and organizers. All riders are treated the same, so if you dare to participate in future editions, you will only have to worry about performing and enjoying yourself, as everything else is taken care of by the organizers for you.

Put your strength and skills to test

It is true that this may not be a race for everyone, not only because of the physical level it requires, but also because of the technical level. The Mediterranean Epic is real mountain biking, on some of the best trails in the province of Castellón with many key points, such as the classic ascent of Monte Bartolo on the fourth stage, which not only has the best fans cheering, but which is considered the ‘Tourmalet’ of mountain biking.

If you dare to participate in this race, your training and technical level must be high. We also highly recommend that you also participate in one-day marathon events beforehand, so that you can evaluate if you are prepared to compete at the highest level, during 4 stages, including a first stage in climbing chrono format, which puts things in their place from the first pedal strokes.

Arriving in a high physical and technical condition is something that can be applied to any cross country marathon event, since the level in this type of competition is very high, and it is not worth participating in them if you do not have a minimum of competition training.

At ROTOR we are passionate about this type of event, because not only is the atmosphere and the level of riders spectacular, but it is also the perfect testing ground to subject all ROTOR components to the most demanding tests. If you think you are ready for the next editions, it is important that you know that there is a maximum of 600 riders registered, and that the first 200 registrations have a lower cost. It is worth visiting the Mediterranean Epic website, to be prepared when the time comes.

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