A coffee with David McNamee

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fecha11th April 2022

A short bio of who you are and your career so far

My name is David McNamee, I am British but based in Girona, Spain. I have been competing in triathlon since 2006 and moved to Ironman distance in 2015 and have competed in the last 5 IM World Championships.

Three greatest achievements

  • Bronze medal Hawaii 2018
  • Bronze medal Hawaii 2017
  • Ironman UK Champion

To know more about you:

How did you start cycling / triathlon?

I started in a fun event on new years day in 2006 and shortly after joined a triathlon club.

Why do you continue with triathlon now?

I love the process of trying to improve and still feel that after all these years there is still areas to improve.

What was the most important race you’ve done to date?

Ironman World Championships

What is your pre-race ritual?

Apart from a strong black coffee two hours before the start then that’s it.

What do you think about while cycling?

I think about the challenges ahead but also just about life in general and what I want to do.

What is your go-to training meal?

Before a hard session I like a simple pasta dish.

How do you recover after a tough cycling?

Usually with a recovery shake and 30 minutes in my normatec boots.

What song is your go-to for the cycling?

I never really listen to music while cycling.

Who is your favor cycling “team”?

The Huubwattbike track team. They bring a lot of fun to the sport but are committed to always finding ways to improve.

Apart from endurance sports, what is your passion?

I love reading about coaching and physiology. Plus, when I have time then I love to cook.

What was the best piece of cycling advice you ever received?

That in the last part of an ironman leg strength is what is important.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Follow your passion and always try to improve each day.

Why ROTOR? The quality of the equipment.

After four years of being with ROTOR I have never had any training sessions where the powemeter never worked.

What’s your favorite ROTOR component and why?

The Rotor 2inPower as it`s the most reliable powermeter I have ever used.