A coffee with Saleta Castro

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fecha10th May 2022

A short bio of who you are and your career so far

I am Saleta Castro, professional triathlete from Spain. I started in triathlon with 13 years old. I was in the Olimpic distance spanish selection until 2010. And my last years only I did Long distances and Ironman races.

Three greatest achievements

  • 1ª Ironman Maastricht 2017
  • 8ª World Championship Ld Challenge Almere 2021
  • 5ª Ironman Frankfurt Europeanship 2019

To know more about you:

How did you start cycling/triathlon?

I started with 13 years old because my swim coach saw that I had qualities for the triathlon.

Why do you continue with triathlon now?

Now the triathlon is my lifestyle. I chose this way because the sport is what I make me happy. I like to suffer and to search my limits every day.

What was the most important race you’ve done to date? 

My most important race is Ironman Maastricht 2016. There I did 2 place, and I won my points for the Ironman World championship Hawaii in professional category. This was my dream..

What is your pre-race ritual? 

I don’t have pre-race ritual but I like to be quiet, listening my music and to be focus in my long and hard day.

What do you think about while cycling? 

Sometimes I think that is the best thing in the world because I feel free and other times I want to cry because It is really hard but I think that in my bike I can to arrive to any place and ride I help me to disconnect.

What is your go-to training meal? 

Ommelet, quinoa and rice.

How do you recover after a tough race or training ride?

I drink my recovery; I go to the massage and I am in my home quiet.

What song is your go-to for the cycling?

I never use the music when I ride on bike.

Who is your favorite cycling “team”?

My favorite Team is Movistar and Jumbo-Visma.

Apart from endurance sports, what is your passion?

I like the puzzles, travel, drink coffee in beautiful places and to be with my family.

What was the best piece of cycling advice you ever received?

The climbing don’t finish in last km, the most import is to be strong in the flat road in the top. And always search a good position in group knowing where is the wind.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

My advice is that always search your way and fighting for your dreams and don’t forget enjoy.


I like ROTOR from the first time that I used it. Quality, comfort and variety with Rotor I have all what I need.

What’s your favorite ROTOR component and why?

I like the ROTOR cranks because have the size I need and I feel how I transmit all my power in each pedaling.