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Rotor Bike Components

Why Q RINGS OCP Makes The Difference

There are many oval chainrings. But oval chainrings with the OCP system are only available from ROTOR. Why? The OCP system from ROTOR allows you to place the chainring and its ovalization...

30th January 2019


Tips To Prepare Your Bike For Winter

Unless you live in a place where the winter means snow, snow and more snow, using the bike in the coldest time of the year is not only recommended, but will make you keep the pace of...

16th January 2019


ROTOR Q RINGS: Only For Pros?

Does using the technology used by professionals make you a better rider? Definitely. The current technology is tried and tested by professionals with the maximum demand so that when it...

2nd January 2019


Gravel Bikes Vs. Cross Bikes: Five Main Differences

At first glance, cyclocross and gravel bikes look similar: like road bikes with two 700c wheels, knobby tires and drop handlebars. But if you take a closer look and test ride a few of each...

14th November 2018


5 Cycling Accessories to Improve Your Safety

In both mountain biking and road riding, your security is the most important factor to take into account. To be able to go out on a ride with the highest level of protection possible,...

31st October 2018