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The story of the first Grand Tour victory for ROTOR with Carlos Sastre

The 2008 Tour is the Carlos Sastre Tour. But it is also the ROTOR Tour. Ten years ago, when ROTOR was battling against the hegemony of the big brands, the CSC cyclist from Avila got the...

23rd October 2018


Useful APPs For Cyclists

Today, Mobile apps for people who ride bikes have almost become a necessity for any leisurely ride, training session or competition. It is completely normal to have one or two apps running...

10th October 2018


5 Advantages of Hydraulic Gear Shifting

There are three ways to change gears on bikes: using mechanical, electrical or hydraulic systems. Which is used on any given bike is all about how the power is transmitted from the shift...

26th September 2018


Mario Mola´s Profile / Bike

"I've been using Oval Q RINGS for over 6 seasons and for me there is no better option. From the beginning I had fantastic sensations with them, feeling that I could apply the force...

20th September 2018


Interview with Kate Courtney, new 2018 MTB World Champion

"Q RINGS® have been a great addition to my...

12th September 2018