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Rotor Bike Components

Does the Stiffness of Cycling Components Matter?

Is more always better? Not always. With current technology, it would not be a difficult task designing frames or components to be stiffer, and even lighter than the ones available now. But,...

4th July 2018


10 Training Tips for a Gran Fondo Success

At some point, we have all thought of training for a “Gran Fondo”. The idea of racing with your friends and thousands more in breathtaking scenery sounds like a brilliant plan. But...

26th June 2018


How To Clean Your Road Bike Like A “Pro”

“A clean bike is a fast bike.” It’s something that many of us repeat to ourselves as we summon the motivation to clean our bikes, especially before big rides and races. And it’s...

13th June 2018


Adjust Your Derailleur For Using ROTOR Q RINGS

When you want to get the most out of your bike, the gears must be working perfectly. If you also use ROTOR Q RINGS, to help squeeze every ounce of efficiency out of your drivetrain, the...

30th May 2018


The Evolution of Aluminum in Cycling: Past, Present and Future

Once upon a time, bikes and components were made primarily out of steel. Then aluminum came along and became the material of choice for cycling industry designers. More recently, the buzz...

23rd May 2018