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Tips for Triathletes to Improve their Transitions

Before your next triathlon, make time to plan and practice your transitions. With some strategic preparation and practice, you’ll save time, energy and stress as you switch from swimming...

6th November 2017


Tips for Indoor Training

As summer turns into winter, daylight hours shrink, temperatures drop and weather becomes wetter. It gets harder and harder to get outside to ride your bike. Before long, it’s time to...

11th October 2017


27.5” vs. 29” MTB Wheels: Which is better for what?

Not long ago, there was just one standard mountain bike wheel size: 26”. Then, the 29” wheel was introduced and eventually also the 27.5” wheel size. And while most companies have...

3rd October 2017


How to Find Your Correct Road Bike Size

There’s nothing worse than riding a bike that doesn’t fit well, but nothing more satisfying than pedalling a bike that does fit well. While there is no substitute for test riding a bike...

12th September 2017


How To Transport A Bike By Plane

There’s nothing better than having your own bike with you to ride when you travel, and one way to do so is to bring it with you on the plane. However, flying with a bike is not simple....

4th July 2017