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Rotor Bike Components

How To Correctly Adjust Your Mountain Bike Suspension

Taking time to adjust your mountain bike suspension will help you get the most out of it on rides. Read on to learn how to set up your suspension. Our advice applies to both front and rear...

31st January 2018

Rotor Botttom Brackets

A Basic Guide to Road Bike Bottom Brackets

Your bottom bracket isn’t the most exciting part of your road bike, which makes it easy to ignore until something is wrong with it. However, it’s a very important part of your bike, so...

24th January 2018


Converting From Double To Single Chainrings: What You Need To Consider

It wasn’t long ago that we all rode triple front chainrings on our mountain bikes. Then the industry switched primarily to double chainring setups. That trend has continued with the shift...

15th January 2018


Bike Maintenance: What You Shouldn’t Touch If You’re Not A Professional Mechanic

Ride. Break. Fix. Repeat. Most avid cyclists are familiar with this cycle. If you ride enough, your bike will experience routine wear and tear as well as occasional mechanicals and will...

22nd December 2017


Master the ROTOR Challenge and you could win the exclusive ROTOR Tiburòn watch

Master the ROTOR Challenge and you could win the exclusive ROTOR Tiburòn...

18th December 2017