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Cycling and training after injury

Recovering and Training after Injury

Injuries are an inevitable part of cycling - broken collarbones, road rash, concussions, compromised backs, inflamed tendons and fractured arms and legs are among the most common....

17th January 2017

Winter Road Cycling

Six Tips for Better Winter Cycling

Riding in the winter comes with extra challenges, especially with colder weather and shorter...

10th January 2017

Lori Barrett, ROTOR USA

Lori Barrett, ROTOR’s North American Brand Manager

Lori Barrett is ROTOR's North American Brand Manager. Bikes and sports are more than her pastimes, they are her lifestyle. Lori tells us much more about ROTOR in the...

14th December 2016

Rotor Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide for Cyclists

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the cyclists among your family and friends? ROTOR has you covered for many important bike components. Read on for five great suggestions for what...

5th December 2016

ROTOR Bike-dating: QX1 + SRAM Eagle™

ROTOR Bike-dating: QX1 + SRAM Eagle™

Worried that your QX1 chainring has gotten shunned by components from other brands? Here’s a little love story about component...

17th November 2016