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Rotor Bike Components

Why does ROTOR still make standard chainrings?

It was more than a century ago that the bicycle was invented and chainrings have been one of the components that have changed the least in appearance, but they have changed more at...

13th May 2020


BKool versus Zwift: which is the best online trainer?

Indoor trainers are starting to become an essential tool during these weeks of training. But if we also want to train virtually, compete and bring out the best of us in a virtual world, two...

29th April 2020


David Martínez, ROTOR Director of the Engineering and Project Departments

David Martínez is one of the key pieces of the whole ROTOR team. Director of the engineering and project departments, through his hands pass all ROTOR components, from the first sketches...

15th April 2020


Our Opportunity For Self-Improvement

We live in a time of changes, challenges, and reflection. It’s a time when we look at our lives and wonder what we can make better, while everything changes around...

1st April 2020


Do not let the quarantine stop us from training

We know that it is not the best situation to train in, but the Covid-19 crisis forces us to sharpen our wits if we want to stay in the best shape possible during these weeks at home....

30th March 2020