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Luis Del Cerro

Rotor Chainrings

Single or Double Chainrings: Which is Better for Mountain Biking?

Look around on your next mountain bike group ride, and you’ll probably see a mix of drivetrain setups. Some riders will be using single chainring setups while others will be pedalling...

3rd April 2017

Rotor Winner Eurobike Gold

ROTOR 2INpower, gold winner at the 2016 Eurobike Awards

ROTOR 2INpower was one of 51 winners awarded a prize during a ceremony on the first day of...

1st September 2016

Carlos Coloma estará en los Juegos Olimpicos de Rio

Coloma and Valero, ROTOR Spanish riders in the Rio Olympics

Carlos Coloma and David Valero will take part in the Rio Olympics using ROTOR components. José Antonio Hermida will be the third Spanish rider in...

4th August 2016

Rotor Q-Rings

Installing ROTOR Q-Rings

ROTOR Q-Rings are the famous oval chainrings manufactured by the Spanish company. In this article we are going to explain step by step how to install a set of ROTOR Q-Rings. These...

3rd August 2016


ROTOR Q-Rings and chain

Many Rotor QRings users have some doubts about whether the chain suffers or it will experience some problems due to the oval shape of the...