A coffee with David McNamee

A coffee with David McNamee

April 11, 2022 23 view(s)

Bio about cyclist David McNamee

A short bio of who you are and your career so far

My name is David McNamee, I am british but based in Girona, Spain. I have been competing in triathlon since 2006 and moved to Ironman distance in 2015 and have competed in the last 5 IM World Championships.

Three greatest achievements in his career

  • Bronze medal Hawaii 2018
  • Bronze medal Hawaii 2017
  • Ironman UK Champion 

To know more about David McNamee

How did you start cycling / triathlon?: I started in a fun event on new years day in 2006 and shortly after joined a triathlon club.

Why do you continue with triathlon now?: I love the process of trying to improve and still feel that after all these years there is still areas to improve.

What was the most important race you´ve done to date?: Ironman World Championships.

What is you pre-race ritual?: Apart from a strong black coffee two hours before the start then that´s it. 

What do you think about while cycling?: I think about the challenges ahead but also just about life in general and what I want to do.

What is your go-to training meal?: Before a hard session I like a simple pasta dish.

How do you recover after a tough cycling?: Usually with a recovery shake and 30 minutes in my normatec boots.

What son is your go-to for the cycling?: I never really listen to music while cycling. 

Who is your favor cycling "team"?: The Huubwattbike track team. They bring a lot of fun to the sport but are committed to always finding ways to improve. 

Apart from endurance sports: what is your passion?: I love reading about coaching and physiology. Plus, when I have time then I love to cook.

What was the best piece of cycling advice you ever received: That in the last part of an ironman leg strength is what is important.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?: Follow your passion and always try to improve each day. 

Why ROTOR? The quality of the equipment: After four years of being with ROTOR I have never had any training sessions where the powermeter never worked.

What´s your favorite ROTOR component and why?: The ROTOR 2INpower as it´s the most reliable powermeter I have ever used.