A coffee with Douglas Ryder

A coffee with Douglas Ryder

June 13, 2022 24 view(s)

Lifestyle about cyclist Douglas Ryder

What does it takes to be team manager / director?: Leadership, vision and developing the culture in the organisation that unites all staff and riders under a common purpose.

How did you find yourself in this position?: I wanted to use our beautiful sport to make a difference and to do that I needed to create it from the beginning particularly since their was nothing like us before from the African continent.

What education and experience are required for such position?: Having a business and travelling background helps but you need to lead with passion and be trustworthy always doing the right thing.

Have you ever thought about any other job?: I did work in corporate before but my dream was always to do something in cycling and to take an African team to the highest levels of cycling which we achieved. Now it is about uniting the community of cycling behind a common purpose of changing lives with bicycles/

Why cycling at the start?: It was something that made me free.

How you handle constant pressure from such important position?: The impact that we can make helps me get through the tough times and gets me up everyday .

Do you still ride bike?: Yes

What motivates you?: My family and making a difference

What is your favorite ROTOR bike component?: 2INpower

Would you and if yes why recommend ROTOR bike components to cycling addicts?: ROTOR has stood by us from the beginning and supported our dreams and ambitions like family. The products are excellent and they are always there for support when you need it most

The most favorite race?: The Tour de France, because it’s the Tour de France in July.