A coffee with Jenthe Biermans

A coffee with Jenthe Biermans

May 24, 2022 34 view(s)

Conversation with Jenthe Biermans

A short bio of who you are and your career so far

I am a belgian cyclist for 6 years in the WT. I am a cobble classic rider. And I try to help our sprinters with the lead outs.

Three greatest achievements in his career

  • 5 th Kuurne Brussel Kuurne
  • 9 th GC Baloise Belgium Tour
  • 26 th Tour de Flanders

To know more about Jenthe Biermans

How did you start cycling?: I liked the sport on tv, I liked the action and the intensity. So I started cycling when I was 13 years old.

What was the most important race you’ve done to date?: Paris-Roubaix.

What is your pre-race ritual?: No ritual.

What do you think about while cycling?: During training I try to enjoy just riding my bike and don’t think about anything.

What is your go-to training meal?: Oatmeal or bread with peanut butter and banana.

How do you recover after a tough race or training ride?: Try to rest as much as possible. Eat fast after the race a big amount of carbs.

What is your go-to song while riding?: I like music from Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike

Apart from endurance sports, what is your passion?: Cows.

What was the best piece of cycling advice you ever received?: That you always need to give your maximum and if you miss nice things like parties, good dinners, eat what you want and not always try to look after your food. The life after the cycling carreer is still long enough to enjoy all this moments. Your carreer is short so just enjoy every single day of it.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?: Believe in yourself and go for it.

What’s your favorite ROTOR component and why?: The aero chainrings.

If you were not a cyclist, what would you have been?: Farmer.