A coffee with Mario Mola

A coffee with Mario Mola

February 22, 2022 19 view(s)

Talking with Mario Mola

What is your favour ROTOR bike component you using the most and why?: Q-Ring is my favorite ROTOR component because of the smooth pedaling and watts efficiency. I do also use the 2INpower cranks 165mm length, i like its rigidity. 

How different is off season bike training compare season one?: The main difference is the intensity. During off season I do also combine other bike rides in MTB or Gravel which allows me to enjoy different routes and give me fresh air and motivation to come back to training steadily.

Do you watch your weight during off season?: In general, I do not even watch my weight even during the season. Said that, I have a skinny complexion and genetic so do not gain too much weight. In fact, if I watch my weight is just not to be too much skinny during the peakiest moments of training blocks. 

How many kilometres you ride usually off season (weekly)?: As a I said before, I combine different bike modalities, I focus more of enjoying and disconnect than of tracking the load training I would say around 120 - 125 kms.

What would you recommend to every triathlete as an upgrade to it´s bikes when it comes to ROTOR components?: I would definitely recommend to try Q-RING set. Nowadays you have to take any marginal gain, and it´s worth to try.

What are your 2022 goals?:  This season is going to a bit different, I will try different races, some middle distance, so I will not be that focus on ITU Series, however I want to prepare well the European games, it is one day race, so I think it can be a good test to prepare just one goal race instead of ITU series as I used to do...