A coffee with Rick Zabel

A coffee with Rick Zabel

August 22, 2022 14 view(s)

A short bio of who you are and your career so far

I'm a rider with 9 year professional on the highest level of cycling.

Three greatest achievements

4x Tour de France 4x Paris Roubaix 2x Pro Wins

To know more about you:

How did you start cycling? Because I wanted to try it out What was the most important race you’ve done to date? Tour de France What is your pre-race ritual? None What do you think about while cycling? About life, everything and creative stuff What is your go-to training meal? Pasta with Pesto How do you recover after a tough race or training ride? Laying on my bed and chill / eat good stuff What is your go-to song while riding?   Too many good songs out there - Marteria (German Hip Hop) Apart from endurance sports, what is your passion? Art, music, my podcast, family time and friends What was the best piece of cycling advice you ever received? When the lion is hungry, he eats What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps? Work hard. Consistency is key. You need to do because you love it, you need to live it What’s your favorite ROTOR component and why? Cranks, great design! If you were not a cyclist, what would you have been? Artist