Double Podium for ROTOR in the IRONMAN Lanzarote Club La Santa 2024

Double Podium for ROTOR in the IRONMAN Lanzarote Club La Santa 2024

May 21, 2024 35 view(s)

ROTOR is happy to celebrate a double podium at IRONMAN LANZAROTE Club La Santa last weekend

On May 18th, took place 32nd Club La Santa IRONMAN edition at Lanzarote, stunning venue in Canary Island, SPAIN.

Lanzarote has been one of Europe's longest-running hosts of the Ironman race, with 2024 being the 32nd edition. The Spanish island is a Unesco biosphere reserve with around 300 volcanoes, stark landscapes, and a stunning coastline. These natural features make Lanzarote an iconic venue for the Ironman race.

The 2024 Lanzarote Ironman race took place on Saturday, May 18. Over 1,000 triathletes from 55 nations competed in the event, which comprised a 3.8-kilometre swim, 180.2-kilometre cycle, and 42.2-kilometre run. The race offers Men's and Women's Age Group Qualifying slots to the 2024 VinFast Ironman World Championship in Nice, France, on September 22, 2024 (women) and Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, on October 26, 2024 (men).

Overview of the Event

We are thrilled to announce that Rotor Bike Component achieved a double podium thanks to Anne Haug first female of the race, and Lydia Dant, 3rd. 

Swimming Leg

The swim was dominated by Mikel Ugarte, Michael Kalb, and Milan Brons, but Ugarte came out on top with a 1-second lead when he emerged from the water. Anne Haug commanded the field by establishing a significant lead of nearly five minutes over her closest competitors.

Cycling Segment

The drama continued to build during the cycling leg. The route took the competitors over the stunning and unusual volcanic landscapes of La Geria and the elevated sea views of the Mirador del Río.

Danish cyclist Matthew Palmer surged ahead as the scenery rolled by, leaving his rivals behind. Meanwhile, Anne Haug used her superior strength to extend her lead over second place Lydia Dant by over 18 minutes.

Running Leg

During the final 42.2-kilometre run, Spanish triathletes took the second and third steps of the men's podium, while Belgian Kenneth Vandendriessche took the victory, firmly announcing that he is making a remarkable comeback within the sport. Anne Haug maintained her dominance in the women's category, securing a comfortable first place.

Celebration and Support

This year's event was one of the biggest yet. Over 4,000 people, including organizers, volunteers, and security personnel, got involved. As always, Ironman Lanzarote Club La Santa had strong support from local and regional institutions and private sponsors, underscoring the event's significance. 

Spotlight on Kenneth Vandendriessche and Anne Haug

Kenneth Vandendriessche

Kenneth Vandendriessche's journey to victory at the Ironman Lanzarote Club La Santa highlights his determination and hard work. Hailing from Belgium, Vandendriessche has carved a name for himself in the triathlon world with his exceptional athleticism and unwavering focus.

Vandendriessche's path to success has earned numerous accolades and triumphs. With a background in competitive swimming, he seamlessly transitioned to triathlon, showcasing his versatility and adaptability. His strategic approach to racing, coupled with his physical fitness, has propelled him to the top ranks of the sport.

Behind Vandendriessche's success lies hours of gruelling training and meticulous preparation. His training regimen encompasses a balance of swimming, cycling, and running tailored to enhance his endurance and performance.

Vandendriessche has an incredible ability to gauge his competitors' strengths and weaknesses during each race. This allows him to act accordingly and find every opportunity for a competitive advantage. His victory in Lanzarote is a testament to his tactical brilliance and stamina.

Anne Haug

Anne Haug is remarkable and has established herself as a force to be reckoned with, consistently outperforming her rivals. Anne broke the time record of the race down the last 32 previous editions. Anne for long time uses ROTOR AERO chainrings alongside Aldhu crankset and INspider© road powermeter.

Haug's journey to the top of the triathlon world has been marked by perseverance and determination. From her early days as a promising young athlete to her current status as a world-class contender, Haug has overcome numerous obstacles to cement her place among the sport's elite.

What sets Haug apart is her technical proficiency and racing experience. Her background in competitive swimming and running has given her a well-rounded skill set that allows her to excel in all three triathlon disciplines. Her ability to maintain a blistering pace on the bike leg, smooth transitions, and efficient running style make her a formidable opponent on race day.

In third position British-triathlete Lydia Dant crossed the finish line wearing ROTOR AERO chainrings as well.

Final Results

See the final results of the Ironman Lanzarote Club La Santa below:


Kenneth Vandendriessche (BEL) – 08:29:54  //  Jordi Montraveta (ESP) – +2:31  //  Mikel Ugarte (ESP) – +6:44


Anne Haug (DEU) – 09:06:40  //  Jeanne Collonge (FRA) – +43:43  //  Lydia Dant (UK) – +48:13


Final Thoughts On The Ironman Lanzarote Club La Santa

The Ironman Lanzarote Club La Santa showcased athletes' resilience and determination, making it one of the most famous courses. Events like this enhance Lanzarote's thriving tourism industry and foster growth across various sectors. It also sets the stage for future events, including the highly anticipated Vuelta Ciclista a Lanzarote.

It's great to see Rotor Bike Components sponsored triathletes do so well in such a prestigious event. We are proud to support individuals at the top of their games.

Happy riding #ROTORian