Overview Israel-Premier Tech at Tour de France

Overview Israel-Premier Tech at Tour de France

August 8, 2022 101 view(s)

 Israel-Premier Tech at Tour de France

Review of Tour de France 2022 with Israel-Premier Tech

This year 2022 ROTOR Bike Components has once again been present at the Tour de France, the most important international cycling stage race, together with the Israel-Premier Tech professional team.  For this special race, ROTOR Bike Components, provided the Israeli team with the latest technology and design material, such as the ALDHU carbon cranks with a weight of only 260g.

In addition to ALDHU Carbon, the team also has INspider power meters and a variety of chainrings for riders to choose between Q rings and round chainrings. This combination of components creates a lightweight, reliable and accurate drivetrain for power measurement andoverall efficiency at a weight of 573g. This set of components is currently the lightest and most aerodynamic drivetrain combination on the market, helping the IPT team to two partial stage victories and excellent all-round performance during the Tour de France.

Tour de France Factor Israel Premier Tech special edition.

Overview Israel-Premier Tech at Tour de France

In the opening week of competition, the team’s first victory came thanks to Simon Clarke in the tough and demanding stage, which included eleven pavé sections. The Australian won from the initial breakaway, beating Taco van der Hoorn (IWG) in an agonizing sprint. 

Simon Clark winning the stage.

The following day, on stage 6, Jakob Fuglsang was present in the breakaway with three brave riders such as Quinn Simmons (TFS) and Wout Van Aert (TJV) wearing the leader’s jersey and finally being neutralized by the peloton in the final part of the stage. 

Jakob Fuglsang leading the breakway.

Entering in the second week of competition, specifically on the stage 9, Hugo Houle and the Israeli Guy Niv, filtered into the day’s numerous breakaway, but in the same way as the previous attempt, the breakaway was absorbed by the main group in the final kilometres of the stage. 

Hugo Houle and Guy Niv fought to lead the breakaway.

Continuing with the fortune and ability to be present in the breakaways, Simon Clarke and Krists Neilands were part of the breakaways in stages 10 and 11 respectively. 

Krists Neilands leading one of the climbs on stage 11.

In stage 12, at the halfway point of the Tour, Chris Froome thrilled the entire cycling community. The British rider was as active and competitive as he has been in previous years before his accident. We saw Froome fighting both in the mountain passes and, in the descents, arriving with only 6 riders at the bottom of the last climb of the stage and with a significant enough advantage for them to fight for the victory. Finally, Chris gave all the fans a third place in the finish line and, above all, a great show, something very characteristic of this rider.  

Chris Froome, pure spectacle among the audience on the French roads.

Hugo Houle, one of the three Canadians on the Israel-Premier Tech team, was leaked into the day’s breakaway on stage 13, making it to the finish with two other riders and eventually taking third place.  

Hugo Houle fighting for the victory in Stage 13 of Le Tour

Two days later, a big breakaway was again created, in which IPT managed to put three of its riders, including Woods, Neilands and Fuglsang. The Danish Jakob Fuglsang finished sixth on the tough slopes of the Mende aerodrome.  

Three riders of the IPT in the big breakaway of stage 14th which ended in Mende airfield.

In the last week of the Tour, another great joy awaited for ROTOR and the IPT team with the victory of Canadian Hugo Houle in the sixteenth stage, who was able to perfectly solve the day’s breakaway.

Not forgetting that his compatriot Michael Woods, was also in the breakaway and finished third, completing an excellent end to the Tour de France.  

Second victory for the team with a solo win of Houle.

Due to COVID-19 only three of the team riders, Niv, Neilands and Houle, were able to enjoy the last stage in Paris.

Guy Niv wearing the Israel flag at the Champs Élysées

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