Revolutionise Your Ride With New ROTOR Power App

November 29, 2023 221 view(s)

Everything You Need to Know About the New ROTOR Power App

Are you ready to take your cycling experience to the next level? Rotor has just launched its revamped app, and it's loaded with features designed to elevate your riding performance. Here's everything you need to know about the ROTOR Power app update.

Update Your Power Meter with Ease

Get the most out of your power meters: INpower, INspider and 2INpower SL. It's now easier to keep the firmware of your potentiometers up to date via Bluetooth, as well as calibrate them and check the battery level from the app.

Register Your Rides and Optimize Your Performance

Managing your rides has never been easier. With the latest updates, you can now download your ride details effortlessly in FIT and CSV files, allowing for comprehensive analysis. Ensure the optimal accuracy of your power meter by calibrating it as needed. 

Customize your tracking preferences by editing data fields to suit your specific needs. Save all your ride data and easily share it across popular platforms such as TrainingPeaks or Strava, making the entire process seamless and convenient.

Set Up Your OCP for the Perfect Ride

Optimal Chainring Position (OCP) is crucial for a smooth and efficient ride. The new Rotor app allows you to:

· Discover your OCP for a personalized adjustment of your Q RINGS.

· Ensure your pedalling dynamics are precisely tuned for maximum performance.


Pedalling Dynamics at Your Fingertips

Torque 360, a revolutionary feature within the new ROTOR Power app that transforms your cycling experience. This groundbreaking technology allows you to:

· Analyse Your Pedal Stroke Dynamics in Real-Time: Gain real-time insights into the nuances of your pedal stroke. Torque 360 provides a detailed analysis, allowing you to understand the subtleties of your cycling technique.

· Visualize Force Distribution Throughout Your Pedalling: With Torque 360, visualize how you distribute force across your pedal stroke. This visual representation helps you identify areas for improvement and optimize your pedalling efficiency.

· Discover the Ideal OCP for Q RINGS Adjustment: Unlock the potential of your Q RINGS by discovering the perfect Optimal Chainring Position (OCP). Torque 360 guides you in tailoring your OCP, ensuring that your Q RINGS are precisely adjusted for maximum performance and comfort.

Torque 360 isn't just a feature; it's a tool that empowers you to pedal smarter, stronger, and with a newfound understanding of your cycling mechanics. Elevate your ride with Torque 360, where every pedal stroke counts.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Cycling Experience? 

Download the ROTOR Power App now and immerse yourself in a seamlessly renovated interface. Enjoy a quick recap of your recent rides, easy access to main features, and faster sync for a smoother connection with your devices. 

Upgrade your cycling journey today with the enhanced user experience brought to you by the new ROTOR Power app.