ROTOR launches its ‘ROTOR Power’ App for 2INpower

ROTOR launches its ‘ROTOR Power’ App for 2INpower

April 18, 2017 738 view(s)

"ROTOR POWER" the ROTOR App for 2INpower.

We proudly announce the release of our highly anticipated ROTOR power application. It shows 2INpower´s big data on your mobile device and allows you to analyze your performance, pedal stroke and post-process your ride. 

Q-Rings setup made easy

We consequently developed further our unique TORQUE 360 feature, which allows mapping crank rotation in real time. The ROTOR Power application directly gives an OCP recommendation after the ride in the ride summary.

The Q-Rings setup procedure is no longer compromised, as Q-Rings users, bike shops and bike fitters can use the bike with Q-Rings mounted on directly on the street. Being on his personal setup in familiar environment during a ride will result in a spot-on OCP setup. 

Application description

  1. Connect your ROTOR 2INpower power meter and your heart rate monitor to your mobile devices via Bluetooth®
  2.  Track your ride with our three main App functions- RIDE, BASIC TRAINING MODE and TORQUE 360 mode, the later two kwon fro our ROTOR power meter user software. 
  3. RIDE: Show your power meter, heart rate monitor and GPS data in real time on your mobile device screen. The multiple data screens can be modified by the user. At the end of your ride, record your data as a .fit file in order to export for further analysis. 

Basic training mode: 

Display real time performance data in a timeline to structure your training and plan your intervals. See directly how efficient and balanced you are riding.

TORQUE 360 mode:

Show your pedal stroke in real time thanks to 2INpower´s strain gauges and accelerometer. Analyse directly your pedal stroke with kwokn parameters such as torque effciency and pedal smoothness. Being on your bike out on the road will show your natural OCA value where you are applying your maximum force on the pedal.

Q-Rings take advantage of this point and our application is giving a spot-on OCP value for easy -Rings orientation.

In addition you can setup and mange your profile in the SERVICE MODE, which also pairs the ROTOR power App to your power meter and heart rate monitor or which set ups your user language. 

Manage your rides and training summaries in the HISTORY function. 

The ROTOR 2INpower App creates a folder called ROTOR Power on your mobile device from where you can also export your rides, which are stored as .fit and .csv files.

System requirements:

Android 4.4 or later

iOS 9.3 or later

Bluetooth® 4.0

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