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ROTOR Q-Rings and chain

August 3, 2016 45 view(s)


Many ROTOR Q-Rings users have some doubts about whether the chain suffers or it will experience some problems due to the oval shape of the chainrings.

If you take a look at the ROTOR Q-Rings chainwheels you will see that the chain has to adapt constantly to the oval shape. The whole system has deen designed to this purpose, so the chain does not jump unexpectedly, no even when shifting.

When assembling the Q-Rings chainrings we advise you to place the shifter in the highest part of the oval. This is the key to have the system working smoothly when switching chainwheels. Before going out for the first time make sure that everything works correctly. 

You must never use ROTOR Q-Rings with a worn chain or in poor condition. This is part of the regular maintenance of your bike. The chain must be clean and well kept. Always use a good chain lubricant to improve the horizontal movement needed to change gears.

Last but not least, check the rear sprockets. If they are worn out replace them.

With the powertrain clean and in good order, the Q-Rings chainrings work just like regular chainwheels, only that you will benefit from a much more powerful and effective pedal stroke.