Supporting sustainability with our new Eco Packaging

Supporting sustainability with our new Eco Packaging

September 27, 2021 22 view(s)


It is as important to fine tune our products before they arrive for you to fit to your bike, as it is to design the perfect box for them. At ROTOR we want all creation processes to have a clear purpose; either creating the best cycling components, or contributing to the improvement and sustainability of our environment. Our new eco-friendly packaging, is an example of this. 

Improve the process, refine the result

New boxes for our products are not just an aesthetic change. They signify another step in our commitment to ensure that the entire ROTOR process, from the moment we start designing a new product, until you enjoy it on your bike, is as sustainable as possible. That is why all our products now have the same packaging, with the same image, colors and design, in which we have used recycled and eco-friendly materials so that you can not only better identify them with the new design, but also support our environmental responsibility. 

At ROTOR we have also reduced the number of references available, to make it easier to control the production chain in terms of units and so that both you, our end customers, as well as all our authorized distributors around the world, can recognize a ROTOR product quickly and with greater precision. 

We launched this new image under the slogan "What matters is not only inside", as a sign that it is only important to develop the product taking into account our environmental impact, but also to do that every part of the process is respectful to the environment. 

In the coming months, our commitment will be reflected in other key aspects of production, in which we will review and adapt production shifts, the outsourcing of certain processes that can help us improve the final result and a new project planning that will come at the same time as the launch of new products.

A new and sustainable image on the outside, which means a global chane on the inside. "Recycling for use".