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How to Train with a Power Meter vs Heart Rate

With this article, we will make clear the differences between training with a power meter or simply with your heart rate. Is it worth investing money in a power meter? Here's everything you need to know.
September 8, 2023
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How to Train with a Power Meter: Unleashing Your Cycling Potential

In this post, we will talk about how you can improve your power meter training and the importance of doing it correctly to achieve your goals.
September 7, 2023
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Intermarché–Circus–Wanty: A Cycling Marvel Powered by Innovation Introduction

In this post, we will talk about how Intermarché-Circus-Wanty (UCI WorldTeam) has achieved a lot of victories using ROTOR products.
August 17, 2023
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We love Gravel! Sixth place in the World Cup

The team is getting excited about the Gravel Worlds. Sergio Mantecón took sixth place and Miquel was in the top 20 in a fun race. The third edition of the Hutchinson Ranxo Gravel took place in differents places with a lot of participants and being part of the UCI World Gravel Series calendar. It was a great race with a challenging course of 160 km and more than 2000 meters of positive elevation gain.
June 6, 2023
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A coffee with Javier Gómez Noya

Professional triathlete Javier Gómez Noya answers several questions to get to know him better.
January 24, 2022
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