When to go to your local bike/workshop

When to go to your local bike/workshop

October 21, 2020 8 view(s)

When should you visit your local bike/workshop?

Thanks to internet, the bike world is no longer a mystery for anyone. If you need any kind of information or tutorial, you just have to click a few times on to find it. But, even though we have a lot of information available, the official stores and technical service centers are still the place to go to when you have problems with your bike or you spare pants. Do not forget that shops and workshops are our allies. 

During the last decade we were fortunate enough that the bicycle world has had almost no secrets. All of us, in some way, have become a little more handy when it comes to repairing or changing a component. 

But despide the efforts that brands make to ensure that there is no lack of information, the specialization of stores and workshops remains key on many occasions. In this sense, do not hesitate to go to your trustworthy local bike shop or workshop when you want to make sure that everything works perfectly on your bike and at the same time, get rid of that built up stress that we all have experienced when working on our bikes...

Compatibility between components 

Due to the numerous standards that exist and the compatibility or not between them, it is often difficult to know if yu can mount a certain part or not. One of the most critical and confusing areas when fitting new parts is the transmission. Keep in mind that there are many factors that come into play. The width of the rear axle and the type of axle, if the freehub can support 10, 11, 12 or 13 speeds, the anchoring system of the chainrings/s, the chain line, the maximum number of teeth on the cassette or chainring, the type of bottom bracket, the type of chain... Think that a mistake when choosing the chain or the chainring can cause the transmission to not work correctly no matter how hard you try to adjust it. In addition, other factors must be taken into account such as electronic transmissions with or without cables and compatibility between brands. On the ROTOR website, in the support section, we offer you the most up to date information on all products, so that you have no problem when choosing any of any products. 

A good quality toll is half the job 

Having tools is essential to be able to perform any repairs or fitting news parts. But quality tools are not cheap and some of them are essential for certain repairs or fitment. Removing or installing a bottom bracket can only be done with the given tool , the same for removing bearings or cutting a steerer tube, All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, have often used tools that are in poor condition or of poor quality and we know the damage that we can cause with our expensive components. Do not hesitate to go to your trusted store or workshop when you do not have the right tool or even if you do have it, but you do not know how to use it 100%. Many shops invest heavily in quality tools, ensuring that components changes or repairs are done properly. Do not waste hundreds of dollars worth of top-quality carbon or aluminum by wanting to install it badly and quickly at home. 

Safety first

And if a good tool is essential to perform certain repairs on your bike, there are some repairs that, if poorly done, can affect your physical integrity and/or cause an accident. A steerer tube that is too short or damaged when cut, a poorly performed brake bleed, a tubeless or tubular that is badly glued, a chain with the link pin out of place... Even today, if you do not have a torque wrench, you could apply too little torque at key points such as the wheel axzles or the stem or the seat post clamp. 

If you are going to do a repair or a component change in which you are not completely confident during the entire processs, do not hesitate to visit your localworkshop. The brakes, the handlebar and stem assembly, the forks and the wheels are key safety elements and a failure in any of them, no matter how slight, can cause you to fall or have serious accident. In this sense, it is never worth skimping to save a bit of money. Your safety comes first. 

Service intervals

If you are a mountain bike user, you will know how it is to check the suspensions within the time limits recommended by the manufacturer. Failure to do so in a timely manner can damage your components and may make the repair much more expensive that it should. Similarly, almost everything on our bikes needs temporary repairs and overhauls. The brakes must be bleed once a year, even if they work well, the transmission elements depending on the wear due to mileage, the tubeless fluid once a wear at least, the tires when the tread or the studs are worn... Therefore, if you are not sure when you have to make certain revisions, it is best that you contact your usual store so that they can evaluate the condition of the components and proceed with the revision and/or repair. 

Remember also that it is very important that you do not let too much time pass since the last revision of your bike, since the brake oil, for example, could be degraded, as well as the oil and the seals of the forks and rear shock, or something as simple as cleaning and greasing the headset bearing or the bottom bracket. Always follow the manufacturer´s recommendations regarding service periods and go to your store when you are not sure it it is time to change a part or not. 

Adivce from a professional

In this aspect, bike shops should be the reference. Their experience with the brands, the workshop and the training of their mechanics are key so that they can recommend the most suitable product adapted to your use. We do not always choose what best suits our needs, so it is important that when we doubt, we let ourselves be advised by professional in the sector. In the same way that we do in ROTOR with a website that we try to keep up to date with all the information you need, all brands offer you a lot of data so that you up to date, but the stores have experience with the products, they know how to install them, how to repair them and how to improve your user experience.