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A 1x crank for 'cross that can withstand whatever punishment you can throw at it


Your loyalties to cycling get scattered across multiple disciplines but come autumn, something awakens within you because it's time for 'cross season (the real season). If you're so hooked on 'cross that all other race disiplines only serve to train for 'cross, then we made the 3D30 CX1 for you. We wanted to craft a 1x crank that could react to the brutal demands of 'cross. Crank arms forged and CNC-machined in Spain from 7075 aluminum are combined with proprietary technologies to yield cranks with an exceptional stiffness-to-weight ratio that can handle the dizzying wattage that you'll stomp out when coming off the barriers, exiting a hairpin curve, or outsprinting your rivals. Together with ROTOR's Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) system, the 3D30 CX1 offers a performance upgrade opportunity for almost all 'cross bikes on the market.

alu7075 TDS
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