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0% ovality offers the performance benefits of traditional round rings

Round 110BCD

All your other riding experiences only serve to train for 'cross so when you pluck your 'cross bike from your stable of rigs, it needs to roll with the same rhythm and feel as your other bikes. You know that nobody applies constant, even force throughout the pedal stroke, but consistency is key for you, which is why ROTOR sought to improve upon traditional round rings by creating its flagship oval Q rings. Round rings however, have a place in history and ROTOR wanted to complement its product range by offering round noQCX1 rings for your 1x cranks. 0% ovality noQCX1 chainrings for ´cross offer the performance benefits inherent in round rings for you to go out and attack the barriers, fly-overs, curves or anything else that ´cross throws at you.

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