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1x13 TT Group Set


ROTOR launches its ROTOR 1x13 aero groupset for triathlon and Time Trial, the first 1x groupset with 13 speeds that allows you be faster in a real, effective and provable way.

All the components have been developed to achieve an optimal position that helps the triathlete improve his/her aerodynamic ratio on the bike.

With a single chainring we reduce the wind's impact on one of the most mobile parts of the bike and get rid of elements which directly impact against the wind such as the front derailleur.

We’ve also designed a wide range of 1x Aero chainrings available in round and, of course, oval Q RINGS® with OCP (Optimum Chainring Position) setting, with which all our triathletes and customers assure to have a better feeling on a TT bike, as well as better transition times facing the running segment after T2.

Transmission is completed with a range of 13 and 12 speeds cassettes, with all gear range need and a perfect sprocket sequencing to find always your optimum cadence.

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