How To Maintain Your Bike Transmission In Winter

Winter. That time of the year, which, depending on where you live can mean a long time with only a few rides. In addition, water, salt, mud, and even snow, are elements that will make our...

11th December 2019

Components MTB

What are the most important components of a mountain bike?

The different MTB disciplines are gaining more and more popularity and followers. There are many today who take up cycling and ride a bike for the first time, while others upgrade different...

24th July 2019

MTB cranks

What do you need to know before buying your MTB cranks?

When choosing cranks for mountain bikes, there are three fundamental factors we must take into account: type, model and length. So, our choice will depend on which mountain biking...

26th June 2019

Types of Mountain Bike

Learn about the different types of mountain biking

In the world of mountain biking we find that there are as many disciplines as types of terrain that can be ridden on. This last aspect is important when choosing a bike, as the first thing...

5th June 2019


Five Tips For Your First XC Race

Maybe you decided to sign up for your first mountain bike cross country race on your own, or maybe a friend, family member or coach talked you into it. It sure seemed like a good idea at...

25th April 2019


Interview with Kate Courtney, new 2018 MTB World Champion

"Q RINGS® have been a great addition to my...

12th September 2018


Cross Country vs Marathon: Key Bike Differences

Racing your mountain bike in cross country (XC) and marathon (XCM) events may seem quite similar at first, but taking a closer look at both disciplines reveals key differences in terms of...

5th September 2018


Essential Tools For Your MTB Rides

No matter how well looked after your bike is, going on a ride without taking the basic tools and spares is a risk that shouldn't be taken. There are currently many different multi-tools...

9th August 2018


Reasons to Train with a Power Meter on MTB

At times it is road bikes that inherit technology from mountain biking and at other the opposite. Power meters have revolutionised the way professional road racers train, they have been...

2nd May 2018


How To Correctly Adjust Your Mountain Bike Suspension

Taking time to adjust your mountain bike suspension will help you get the most out of it on rides. Read on to learn how to set up your suspension. Our advice applies to both front and rear...

31st January 2018

Rotor Botttom Brackets

A Basic Guide to Road Bike Bottom Brackets

Your bottom bracket isn’t the most exciting part of your road bike, which makes it easy to ignore until something is wrong with it. However, it’s a very important part of your bike, so...

24th January 2018


27.5” vs. 29” MTB Wheels: Which is better for what?

Not long ago, there was just one standard mountain bike wheel size: 26”. Then, the 29” wheel was introduced and eventually also the 27.5” wheel size. And while most companies have...

3rd October 2017