What ROTOR power meter do you need?

At ROTOR we are specialists in power meters. Our huge variety of cranks, together with our conventional bottom bracket and chainrings systems, such as the successful Q RINGS®, makes it...

26th July 2021


Why is better to ride with friends

Going for a bike ride is for many of you, and us at ROTOR, one of the top priorities of the day. But going riding with friends is much more fun, isn’t it? At ROTOR we give you 3 simple...

3rd June 2021


3 reasons to fit cranks like the eKAPIC to your e-bike

If you were waiting to fit ROTOR cranks to your ebike, the wait is over. There are many reasons for you to switch to the new eKAPIC, but we give you 3 of the main arguments to improve your...

20th May 2021

Los 5 momentos inolvidables de la carrera de Carlos Coloma

The 5 unforgettable moments of Carlos Coloma’s career

Carlos Coloma will turn 40 on September 28. 2021 was marked in red on his calendar with the Tokyo Olympic Games, but the postponement of the Olympic year and the fundamental role of Carlos...

12th April 2021

The advantages of Q-Rings in MTB

The advantages of Q RINGS® in MTB

At ROTOR we want our products to adapt to all the needs of the market and users. So even though we are big advocates of our Q RINGS® oval chainrings, our range also includes conventional...

18th March 2021


3 reasons to race an XC-Marathon event like the Mediterranean Epic

The days of March 25 to 28 are the ones chosen after the last postponement due to the current Covid-19 situation, and a back-up date has been stipulated from September 16 to 19, if the...

9th March 2021


Grease and lubricant: where each should be used on your bike

Grease and oil, along with degreaser, are the key products to perform basic maintenance of our bike. Both oil and grease are essential for all the mechanical elements of our bike to work...

28th December 2020


3 reason why you should upgrade your MTB Crankset

The cranks are one of the most interesting points to improve to lower weight, increase rigidity, greater chainring compatibility and even the added bonus of a...

11th December 2020


Single chainring setup for MTB: choose the best combination

Single chainring for mountain bikes is common. It is the new standard. We will explain to you the options ROTOR has to help you choose your right...

17th June 2020


How To Maintain Your Bike Transmission In Winter

Winter. That time of the year, which, depending on where you live can mean a long time with only a few rides. In addition, water, salt, mud, and even snow, are elements that will make our...

11th December 2019

Components MTB

What are the most important components of a mountain bike?

The different MTB disciplines are gaining more and more popularity and followers. There are many today who take up cycling and ride a bike for the first time, while others upgrade different...

24th July 2019

MTB cranks

What do you need to know before buying your MTB cranks?

When choosing cranks for mountain bikes, there are three fundamental factors we must take into account: type, model and length. So, our choice will depend on which mountain biking...

26th June 2019