27.5” vs. 29” MTB Wheels: Which is better for what?

Not long ago, there was just one standard mountain bike wheel size: 26”. Then, the 29” wheel was introduced and eventually also the 27.5” wheel size. And while most companies have...

3rd October 2017

ROTOR Bike-dating: QX1 + SRAM Eagle™

ROTOR Bike-dating: QX1 + SRAM Eagle™

Worried that your QX1 chainring has gotten shunned by components from other brands? Here’s a little love story about component...

17th November 2016


What 3 things every mountain biker wants

(or “Is Mountain Biking Harder Than Road Cycling?") To be good at anything you do, you have to have a clear purpose, therefore training has to have purpose. In mountain biking, that...

27th October 2016


How to Set Your Optimum Chainring Position (OCP)

Optimum Chainring Position (OCP) is what allows you to vary the rotational position of a Q-Ring, thereby enabling you to adjust it to the precise point where you deliver maximum power...

18th October 2016


Introducing the new RHawk & RRaptor modular cranksets

ROTOR is pleased to introduce two new cranksets to its mountain bike product offerings: both the RHawk and the RRaptor are specially designed for enduro...

10th October 2016

Carlos Coloma estará en los Juegos Olimpicos de Rio

Coloma and Valero, ROTOR Spanish riders in the Rio Olympics

Carlos Coloma and David Valero will take part in the Rio Olympics using ROTOR components. José Antonio Hermida will be the third Spanish rider in...

4th August 2016