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ROTOR & QHUBEKA. The story of donating more than 10.000 bikes

ROTOR & QHUBEKA. The story of donating more than 100.000 bikes

And it is the relationship between ROTOR and the Qhubeka team, which currently bears the name of Team Qhubeka Assos, began in 2015 with the Pro Team MTN-Qhubeka team and since then,...

18th February 2021

ROTOR ALDHU Carbon for gravel (1)

The new ALDHU Carbon cranks: perfect for gravel

The new Aldhu Carbon cranks are one of ROTOR’s latest innovations for the road market. Although we have been using the spectacular mountain bike Kapic Carbon cranks for a while, the...

4th February 2021


Grease and lubricant: where each should be used on your bike

Grease and oil, along with degreaser, are the key products to perform basic maintenance of our bike. Both oil and grease are essential for all the mechanical elements of our bike to work...

28th December 2020


3 reason why you should upgrade your MTB Crankset

The cranks are one of the most interesting points to improve to lower weight, increase rigidity, greater chainring compatibility and even the added bonus of a...

11th December 2020


When to go to your local bike/workshop

Even though we have a lot of information available, the official stores and technical service centers are still the place to go to when you have problems with your bike or your spare...

21st October 2020


Choosing the correct length cranks

At ROTOR we are specialists in offering our cranks in a multitude of lengths. You only have to choose the one that best suits your needs. We explain the details of the importance of the...

7th October 2020


INpower / 2INpower: 5 reasons for fitting the best technology to your bottom bracket

Powermeters are no longer exclusive to professionals; fitting one to your bike will help you train better, plan your training better, and your season better. At ROTOR, with our range of...

16th September 2020


5 things you should never do whilst riding in summer

The heat of the summer is one of allies that helps you ride for hours, but also an enemy if we know we can not adapt to it… at ROTOR we want you to enjoy the summer on your bike, but we...

2nd September 2020


Tips For New Disc Brakes

You may be using a brand new bike for the first time or you may have changed brake pads, discs or both. If so, at ROTOR we want to give you a few basic tips for your brake system to achieve...

29th July 2020


What is downcountry?

The influx of downcountry models presented in recent months, has made many of you ask us about this modality, which although not new, it is true that it now makes more sense than ever with...

15th July 2020


Attaching your chainring to the crank arm: the best options for single chainring setup

Know some of the most important mounting options for ROTOR, if you want to change to a single oval chainring or not, or simply want to change the one you currently...

1st July 2020


Single chainring setup for MTB: choose the best combination

Single chainring for mountain bikes is common. It is the new standard. We will explain to you the options ROTOR has to help you choose your right...

17th June 2020