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5 Reasons To Practice, Try Or Compete In Cyclocross

It seems like everyone has gone a bit crazy with cyclocross lately... Somehow the emergence of gravel bikes on the cycling scene, has returned cyclocross back to the place that it deserves....

29th January 2020


How To Keep In Good Shape During The Winter

Depending on where you live, you can spend all winter pedaling if the weather is good enough, or you may be condemned to parking the bike for a couple of months. Don't...

15th January 2020

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Indoor Training Using a Powermeter

Indoor training is one of our best allies when winter comes. The turbo trainer is an option that although not too suitable to spend many hours a day on it, allows you to do quality workouts...

3rd January 2020


How To Maintain Your Bike Transmission In Winter

Winter. That time of the year, which, depending on where you live can mean a long time with only a few rides. In addition, water, salt, mud, and even snow, are elements that will make our...

11th December 2019


Lactate threshold in cycling: training and advantages

In cycling nowadays, apart from knowing how to choose your bike components and accessories, it’s essential to train endurance and strength. This is why it’s important to know about and...

27th November 2019


Strength training for cyclists

Strength is a key factor in the world of cycling. Many believe you have to lose weight to perform better, but without adequate strength training, it will be impossible to respond to changes...

31st October 2019


Optimum Chainring Position – OCP

Today we are going to talk about a concept that has revolutionised the customisation of oval chainrings: Optimum Chainring Position or OCP, an oval chainring technology exclusive to ROTOR...

16th October 2019

Leg recovery in cycling

Leg recovery in cycling: as important as training

Luckily, for some years now, amateur sports communities have been paying special attention to a key element for our health and in improving physical performance:...

9th October 2019

Basic first aid in cycling

Basic first aid in cycling

We’ve written recently about the essential bicycle tool kit to carry in route and about common cycling aches and pains and what to do about them, and now we would like to close our care...

25th September 2019

cadence cycling

What cadence or rpm means in terms of cycling

For context, in the world of cycling the term “cadence” can be defined as the revolutions per minute (rpm) of the cranks as a consequence of our...

11th September 2019

Common cycling aches and pains and what to do about them

Common cycling aches and pains and what to do about them

All of us who cycle have at some point had to deal with pain or discomfort that has prevented us from fully enjoying our ride. The problem is when the issue persists, indicating that we...

5th September 2019


Essential bicycle tool kit to carry in a route

There is nothing worse than going in a bicycle route and suffering a mishap in our bicycle. Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved with minor repairs in situ so we can continue...

22nd August 2019