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cadence cycling

What cadence or rpm means in terms of cycling

For context, in the world of cycling the term “cadence” can be defined as the revolutions per minute (rpm) of the cranks as a consequence of our...

11th September 2019

Common cycling aches and pains and what to do about them

Common cycling aches and pains and what to do about them

All of us who cycle have at some point had to deal with pain or discomfort that has prevented us from fully enjoying our ride. The problem is when the issue persists, indicating that we...

5th September 2019


Essential bicycle tool kit to carry in a route

There is nothing worse than going in a bicycle route and suffering a mishap in our bicycle. Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved with minor repairs in situ so we can continue...

22nd August 2019


Road bike groupsets – everything you need to know

Choosing the right groupset for our bike is one of the main challenges of setting up our bike build. Since it is a vital decision, at ROTOR we have endeavoured to develop one of the best...

8th August 2019

Ways to make your bike faster

8 simple ways to make your bike faster

When it comes to speed, not everything depends on having the best bicycle components. In this post we’ll give you some tips to improve your speed and make your bike lighter at no cost....

31st July 2019

Oval chainrings: pros and cons

Oval chainrings: pros and cons

For some time now, oval or Q RINGS® have been a trend among amateur cyclists and many professionals. It is certainly true that professionals like Chris Froome use them. Initially they...

3rd July 2019

MTB cranks

What do you need to know before buying your MTB cranks?

When choosing cranks for mountain bikes, there are three fundamental factors we must take into account: type, model and length. So, our choice will depend on which mountain biking...

26th June 2019

professional cycling powermeter

Why should you use a power meter for cycling?

In the world of mountain biking we find that there are as many disciplines as types of terrain that can be ridden on. This last aspect is important when choosing a bike, as the first thing...

21st June 2019

How to adjust your bike's brakes

How to adjust your bike’s brakes

When you go out on the road with your bicycle, it is essential that everything works to perfection. In order to avoid accidents and improve safety, it is necessary to adjust the brakes of...

29th May 2019


Why ROTOR 1×13 Is Perfect For Gravel Bikes?

The 1x revolution has been one of the most notable in mountain biking in recent years. You will not find an MTB transmission that does not have compatibility with one front chainring. In...

22nd May 2019


Main Advantages of ROTOR’s Universal Bottom Bracket

ROTOR came up with its Universal Bottom Bracket (UBB) concept to reduce the frustration that both pro and amateur bike mechanics experience when forced to deal with the many different...

3rd April 2019


Five Reasons Not To Miss the Spring Classics

Cycling’s Spring Classics are a collection of prestigious one-day professional road races held every spring in Western Europe. There is some debate over exactly which races count as...

20th March 2019