Tips & Tricks

Road Cycling Rain

Tips for riding in the rain

Love it or hate it, all cyclists eventually end up riding in the rain. Fortunately, there are lots of tricks to making the experience of wet weather cycling more enjoyable and...

28th March 2017

Training Cycling Psicology

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Cycling Performance

Having a great ride or race on a bike isn’t just about your body performing optimally; it also requires your mind to be healthy and work...

14th February 2017

Winter Road Cycling

Six Tips for Better Winter Cycling

Riding in the winter comes with extra challenges, especially with colder weather and shorter...

10th January 2017


What 3 things every mountain biker wants

(or “Is Mountain Biking Harder Than Road Cycling?") To be good at anything you do, you have to have a clear purpose, therefore training has to have purpose. In mountain biking, that...

27th October 2016


How to Set Your Optimum Chainring Position (OCP)

Optimum Chainring Position (OCP) is what allows you to vary the rotational position of a Q-Ring, thereby enabling you to adjust it to the precise point where you deliver maximum power...

18th October 2016


3 Ways to Use Your End of the Cycling Season Fitness

This post published courtesy of Training Peaks. For more articles, please visit 3 Ways to Use Your End of the Cycling Season Fitness As summer winds down, many...

26th September 2016

Rotor Q-Rings

Installing ROTOR Q-Rings

ROTOR Q-Rings are the famous oval chainrings manufactured by the Spanish company. In this article we are going to explain step by step how to install a set of ROTOR Q-Rings. These...

3rd August 2016


ROTOR Q-Rings and chain

Many Rotor QRings users have some doubts about whether the chain suffers or it will experience some problems due to the oval shape of the...