The most versatile chainring on the market

ROTOR BCD 110×4 chainrings compatible with Shimano® 2×12 The goal was to create the most versatile chainrings on the market, compatible with both muscle bikes and electric bikes....

20th December 2022



The beginning of October brought the long-awaited IRONMAN World Championships in the paradise island of Hawaii, specifically in Kona. The distances in this demanding event consisted of a...

14th October 2022


A coffee with Dani Molina

This week we had a coffee with Dani Molina. At 22, a motorcycle accident changed his life and triathlon became his...

20th July 2022


INpower ROAD 2022, more DNA ROTOR than ever before

New look, electronic redesign and cheaper than...

12th July 2022


A coffee with Sarah Kim Bonner

This week we had a coffee with Sarah Kim Bonner, a Canadian triathlete who has a beautiful story of...

30th June 2022


A coffee with Saleta Castro

This week we had a coffee with Saleta Castro, the Spanish triathlete, born in Pontevedra (Galicia), now focused on long distance and...

10th May 2022


A coffee with David McNamee

This week we had coffee with British Ironman Champion David McNamee who has been using ROTOR Bike Components, specifically the ROTOR 2INpower power...

11th April 2022


A coffee with Matt Trautman

South Africa's Ironman Matt Trautman tell us the secrets of his...

7th March 2022


A coffee with Anne Haug

Professional triathlete Anne Haug answers interesting questions about her triathlon...

7th February 2022


A coffee with Javier Gómez Noya

Professional triathlete Javier Gómez Noya answers several questions to get to know him...

24th January 2022


ROTOR strengthens its commitment to the world’s best athletes and teams in 2022

2022 is the year in which ROTOR will count on the best athletes and teams in Triathlon, MTB, Road and as...

13th January 2022


Grease and lubricant: where each should be used on your bike

Grease and oil, along with degreaser, are the key products to perform basic maintenance of our bike. Both oil and grease are essential for all the mechanical elements of our bike to work...

28th December 2020