Coloma and Valero, ROTOR Spanish riders in the Rio Olympics

autorLuis Del Cerro
fecha4th August 2016

Carlos Coloma and David Valero will take part in the Rio Olympics using ROTOR components. José Antonio Hermida will be the third Spanish rider in Brazil.

Carlos Coloma (Logroño, 1981) is part of the MMR Factory team. The rider will compete for the third time in the Olympics after Beijing 2008 (he finished 28th) and London 2012. Coloma got a sixth position in the British capital.

David Valero (Granada, 1988) is also part of the MMR Factory team. This rider is the youngest in the Spanish national team. David debuts in the Olympics.

David Valero

After knowing that he will take part in the Rio Olympics David Valero said: “I am very happy. Right now the level in Spain is extremely high, to be among the three selected riders is quite difficult. Well, after my last results I had hoped to be able to participate in the Olympics, but you can never be sure. The season has been great with two top 10 finishes in the World Cup and World Championship. Right now I am 15th in the UCI ranking and the first Spaniard. We have worked very hard doing a lot of training. Many days at high altitude and taking care of every detail: nutrition, periods of rest… All adds up to achieve the best performance during the race. The support from the MMR team is vital, I can concentrate in my training knowing that everything else is taken care off: mechanics, travel logistics, everything. You have no worries, your mind is just focused in doing your best on the bike.”

Both riders will use ROTOR Q-Rings on their bikes, so they will benefit from a much better pedalling stroke. They also have been training with Rotor 2INpower, a data acquisition device that helps to improve the performance on the bike.

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