Gravel Chainrings

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  1. Q Rings 1X BCD110x4 Aero

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  3. Q Rings BCD110/80x4 SHIMANO® GRX

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What is the best chain for your bicycle?

We all know what a chainring is and how it works within the world of cycling, but we always fear that moment when we must change it, whether due to wear and tear or a breakage. It is during those moments that we ask ourselves the typical questions of which chainring to buy or how to know when it needs to be replaced. Do you know what the best chain for our bicycle is?

Which chainring should you buy? What is the best bicycle chain?

Currently, there are many bicycle chain manufacturers, different gear ratios and speeds, and different transmission manufacturers, making it a complex world to choose the right chain for your bike within the cycling industry. Fortunately, we're here to help you with that.

The most important factor when choosing a chainring is to check the number of gears on your bike, as this will determine the correct one.

Once you know the number of speeds of your gravel bike, you  just need to choose the corresponding chain that suits your preferences and needs. 

How should you properly maintain a chainring?

If we want to keep our chainring  in good condition, it's clear that we need to provide it with proper maintenance to extend its durability. A clean and well-lubricated chain can enhance our performance by ensuring smoother and more efficient gear shifts.