3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your MTB Crankset

3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your MTB Crankset

May 8, 2024 72 view(s)

3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your MTB Crankset 

The MTB crankset is one of the most overlooked mountain bike components to upgrade. We all like to tweak our suspension and replace alloy parts with carbon versions but neglect the potential of upgrading our cranks. You may be missing a trick, so we're here to give you 3 excellent reasons why you should upgrade your MTB crankset. 

What Is The Crankset? 

Your mountain bike's crankset comprises the crankarms and chainrings. It sometimes includes the bottom bracket, too. The crankset is the collection of bike components that transmits the pressure you put into the pedals to the drivetrain and rear wheel. 
Mountain bike cranksets come with either single, double, or triple chainrings. So before you upgrade, you need to determine what you need and what is compatible with your bike. 
Mountain bike cranks are available in various materials, making a difference in their performance. The materials also determine how expensive they are. You can fit your bike with carbon fiber, steel, or aluminum cranks. Carbon cranks are the lightest and stiffest but the most costly. 

When Should I Upgrade My MTB Crankset? 

Over time, your bike's chainring and other components wear out. The wear is incredibly gradual and not apparent under inspection. However, you'll eventually notice a difference in your riding experience and bike performance. 
When the teeth on your chainrings begin to look worn and scattered, it's time to replace them. You'll also probably notice other issues while riding, such as gear-shifting problems or bearing systems not running smoothly. 

Why You Should Upgrade Your MTB Crankset 

1. Enhanced Performance 

When you upgrade your MTB crankset, you replace the old ones with lighter and stiffer versions. A lighter crankset reduces the overall weight of your bike, which means you don't have to work as hard, especially when climbing. This reduction in weight is marginal, but combined with other weight-saving methods, it will contribute to a lighter mountain bike. 
The increased stiffness is the most significant benefit of an upgraded MTB crankset. A stiffer crank doesn't flex as much under the strain of your pedaling. Therefore, you get improved power transfer, giving you that extra boost when you need it the most. 

When you upgrade your mountain bike's crankset, you'll feel the added responsiveness as you rail tight corners and power through challenging uphill sections. 

2. Improved Durability 

Mountain biking takes its toll on mountain bikes. You're constantly tackling rugged terrain featuring rocks, roots, drops, and jumps. Unfortunately, riders and bikes also have to deal with the odd crash. Therefore, your equipment must be up to the job. Upgrading your MTB crankset doesn't just improve performance; it improves durability, too. High-quality components make your bike last a long time, making it more reliable so you can enjoy your rides without cutting your day short due to component failure. 
Investing in a quality crankset ensures that your ride remains smooth and reliable. With superior materials and construction, a premium crankset minimizes wear and tear, translating to fewer worries about maintenance and more time riding. With a quality MTB crankset, you'll spend less time tinkering in the workshop and more time shredding trails.  

3. Upgrading Your MTB Crankset Is An Opportunity To Customize Your Mountain Bike 

When it's time to replace your crankset, you have a choice. You can either replace it with the same type of components or use it as an opportunity to fine-tune your bike. Here's how you can do it, to make your bike better than it ever was, enhancing your rides and performance. 

Choose A Crankset To Suit The Terrain You Ride 

Where you ride your bike makes a difference to the components you should fit to your bike. For example, if your local terrain is hilly or rugged, you'll benefit from lower gearing, so you can choose a chainring to suit. On the other hand, if your local trails are smooth and relatively flat, you'll get away with fitting double cranksets. 

Enhance Your Mountain Bike's Aesthetics 

Some mountain bikers love the aesthetics of their bikes. Upgrading your MTB crankset is a great way to make your bike look nicer by giving it a facelift. 

Adjust The Fit Of Your Bike 

Most mountain bikes come with 170mm cranks, as this size is suitable for most riders. However, longer or shorter cranks allow mountain bikers with different leg lengths to fine-tune their bikes. By fitting cranks that are more suitable for your leg length, you can pedal more efficiently and be more comfortable when riding. 
Knowing the optimum length of crank you need before you fit one to your bike is essential. Finding the best length crank for you can be tricky if you're particularly tall or short. Therefore, you may benefit from visiting a bike shop that specializes in bike fitting. 

Added Technology 

Not all MTB cranksets are the same. Some have technology integrated into them to help you capture vital data about your rides. An excellent example of this is the 2INpower MTB DM Crankset. This crankset features one of the most sophisticated power meters you can buy. The thing that makes this crankset one of the most desirable for mountain bikers who want to make the most out of every ride is that it measures both legs separately. Capturing data from each leg provides comprehensive data to best understand how you train. You can compare the balance and efficiency between each leg.

The power meter works by measuring the torque on the shaft. Also, there's no need to worry about the technology, as it is inside the cranks, ensuring it is safe and protected no matter how rough the terrain is.  

Final Thoughts On Why You Should Upgrade Your MTB Crankset 

As you can see, upgrading your MTB crankset has many benefits. Enhanced performance, durability, and a personalized riding experience make upgrading your crankset worthwhile. This is especially the case when you opt for higher-end MTB cranksets like the 2INpower MTB DM Crankset, as you can use the data from the integrated power meter to become a better and fitter rider.