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Best Components For Road Cycling

November 1, 2023 195 view(s)

Best Components For Road Cycling

When it comes to road cycling, you can get a huge amount of benefits from having excellent components. With so much to think about on a road bike, it can be challenging to know where to invest your money to improve your cycling experience.

The right components can make your cycling easier, give you more data, and even add reliability to your bike. Upgrading your components is a great way to get your bike feeling new again and freshen up the rides you’re going on.

In this article, we will be telling you about some of the best components you can buy that will take your road cycling to the next level and give you the performance you deserve. We will be discussing some of our best components.

1. Rotor Groupset
2. Rotor Crankset
3. Ceramic Bottom Brackets
4. Rotor Power Meters
5. Q Rings

1. ROTOR Groupsets

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the new Rotor road bike groupsets. It’s been popping up on bikes everywhere and boasts some incredible features. Many manufacturers are choosing them as the groupset for their bikes as they think it’s the best for their equipment. 

Coming in 13 speeds or 12 speed compatibility, the rotor road bike groupset offers plenty of options for your road bike needs. Cassettes range from 10-52 for epic climbing or 11-36 for those flatter rides. It is very customizable, and you can even adjust the amount of leverage on the handles.

Coming with hydraulic disc brakes, it offers excellent stopping power, and you can even get mountain bike groupsets and gravel versions for the off-road adventures you might have planned. It’s an amazing group set that is becoming increasingly popular amongst many cyclists. 

The Rotor road bike groupsets use hydraulic technology to a level which other brands can’t. Although it may not be electronic shifting this hydraulic system is silky smooth and give an excellent experience on any ride.

2. ROTOR Crankset

If you are not looking for a full groupset, then consider a crankset instead. Rotor is well known for making amazing cranksets, and one of the best is the 2INpower SL. Not only can it perform, but it offers you data to further that performance. 

Not only can it take data from both sides, but it comes in at less than 730g, which is incredibly lightweight. It is designed for Shimano 11 and 12-speed groupsets and can go as low as 170mm when it comes to crank length. 

Of course, it comes with Q rings to optimize performance and also looks fantastic in a glossy black with a stealthy finish. It’s not just a crank for your bike. It is a serious upgrade to your performance. 

3. Ceramic Bottom Brackets

The bottom bracket is the heart of the bike, and there’s a huge amount of pressure and movement in that area. Some riders go through bottom brackets incredibly quickly as they often choose a cheaper option or are just very strong cyclists.

An amazing upgrade to make on your bike is going to a better-quality bottom bracket. You can go to a brand such as Rotor and have extra reliability and performance from their basic steel bearing model. The ceramic could be a serious upgrade if you want a little extra.

Ceramic bearings can reduce friction, weight, and even have the ability to last much longer compared to standard steel bearings. They even come in different colors, which can add some lovely flare to your bike.

4. Power Meters

A power meter is another great tool to take your cycling to another level. It’s amazing data to tell you how hard you're working and see your progression over time as a cyclist. The real-time power data can help with so much, and a professional wouldn’t be seen without one.

The Rotor range of power meters is vast. Not only do you have power meters in cranks, as we have mentioned above, but we also have them as an INspider version. These work using strain gauges and are one of the most popular products from Rotor. 

If you’re looking for one of the best upgrades possible, then we highly recommend investing in a power meter. Once you get used to training and racing with one, it’s difficult to come away from. These are best paired with Rotors Q rings for the ultimate experience. 

5. ROTOR Chainrings

Have you ever considered Oval chainrings before? Unfortunately, many cyclists haven’t in the time they have been riding, and the difference they can make is actually huge. They have a lot of benefits, and many top-level professionals use these in road races such as Tour de France. 

They can help pedaling efficiently, increase power, reduce fatigue, and even help prevent injuries. They are heavily adjustable, and you can perfect the pedal stroke by reducing those pesky flat spots many cyclists have. 

Riding Q rings is very different compared to your typical round chainring. Providing they are set up correctly, they are smoother, and every rotation is much more fluid compared to standard. At such a small cost compared to other upgrades, it’s worth every cent. 


Taking your Road cycling to the next level can be easier than you might think. Rotor offers some amazing upgrades that can give you an edge over your competition. All the products we have spoken about today are incredibly popular, and many excellent cyclists wouldn’t go without after trying them. 

Happy Riding #ROTORian