Celebrating 30 Years of ROTOR!

Celebrating 30 Years of ROTOR!

March 7, 2024 53 view(s)

Celebrating 30 Years of ROTOR! 

As we reflect on our journey spanning three decades, we're thrilled to announce that ROTOR Bike Components has achieved a remarkable milestone in global distribution. In 2023 alone, our products have reached cyclists in an impressive 93 different countries worldwide. This wide-reaching presence shows that ROTOR products are loved by cyclists all over the world 

ROTOR celebrates a history of devoutness to performance cycling, so we took the opportunity to connect with our customers and gather their thoughts. The insights gained from our survey have proven to be our most cherished gift, fuelling our pride and inspiring our commitment to excellence for another 30 years. 

An impressive 92% of respondents hailed ROTOR as a premium or high-quality brand, with an additional 82% of performance riders.

Furthermore, a 93% of those surveyed expressed satisfaction with ROTOR's price-performance ratio, indicating a widespread acknowledgment of the exceptional value our products offer. 

In closing, we commend the entire stakeholder community for their invaluable contributions since day one, which have been essential to the success of ROTOR Bike Components. From passionate cycling enthusiasts to professional teams, dedicated engineers, reliable suppliers, and our hardworking staff, each has played a vital role in propelling us forward.  
Let’s celebrate our achievements as community and the promise of continued innovation and excellence in the years ahead.
Thank you all for being part of our story! Happy anniversary, ROTOR!