Top ROTOR Bike Components That Mountain Bikers Love

Top ROTOR Bike Components That Mountain Bikers Love

March 7, 2024 60 view(s)

Top ROTOR Bike Components That Mountain Bikers Love

Buying new mountain bike parts is a great way to upgrade your bike. You can do a surprising amount of things to take your mountain bike to the next level, but you have to do it correctly. If you fit inferior components to your bike, you can ruin the experience. So here are the top ROTOR bike components that mountain bikers love. 
These high-end mountain bike parts will ensure a more rewarding time on your mountain bike. They will also help to improve performance when you're on the trails. 


This MTB crankset is fitted with what's considered the most innovative and advanced power meter you can buy. We have integrated the 2INpower power meter into each crank to provide accurate regarding your power input. 
If you're looking for the best way to analyze your mountain bike rides, the ROTOR 2INPower MTB DM Crankset is the perfect solution. The technology embedded into each crank allows you to compare the efficiency and balance of each leg independently. The result is accurate data, allowing you to adjust your riding to maximize performance. 
 The INpower technology works by measuring the torque of the shaft. All the electronics are housed inside the crankset to protect it from damage from impacts, shock, and the elements. 
This MTB crankset comes with the ROTOR direct mount chainrings. These high-quality items are machined from 7075 aluminum, which is incredibly light and strong. Their design saves weight while allowing you to maximize the power you drive through the pedals. 
We understand how important and frustrating compatibility is. Therefore, we have used the Universal Tooth pattern so that you can use this MTB crankset with both Shimano® and SRAM® 11 and 12v groupsets. Therefore, there's no need to worry about the chain slipping off the ring while riding rough trails. But the chainring story doesn't end there. You can opt to equip this MTB crankset with ROTOR Q Rings. These oval chainrings give you more grip on loose surfaces, which is an advantage when climbing. In addition, Q rings improve your pedaling efficiency and reduce joint stress. 


Fitting your mountain bike with a ROTOR INspider MTB + 100x4 chainring is a significant upgrade. This Spanish-made chainring is accurately machined from 7075-T6 aeronautical aluminum. This improved version is 32% lighter than its predecessor at just 105g. It is also compatible with all mountain bike frames and 1x12 and 1x11 Shimano® and SRAM® Eagle® chains to eliminate compatibility issues. The precise manufacturing process meant that you get perfect chain engagement and retention of the chain. The low friction design also enhances pedaling efficiency. 
We offer several versions of this chainring. For example, you can choose between 30T, 32T, 34T, and 36T sizes. You can also enhance your rides' further by selecting a Q ring version to eliminate dead spots in your pedal strokes. 
 The INSpider MTB chainrings are fitted with a power meter. We have integrated the power meter into this bike component for total protection. Therefore, it is less susceptible to damage, essential when riding rugged terrain. Additionally, the IP67 protection keeps dirt and water from getting in, negatively affecting the power meter's operation. 
You can connect the power meter to your devices with ANT+™ and Bluetooth®. Therefore, it's compatible with all bike computers, so you can easily keep tabs on your data. This means your Strava analysis is up to date and accurate for a detailed picture of each ride. 


Mountain bikers often look for ways to save weight. One of the best ways to do this is to remove alloy mountain bike components and replace them with carbon fiber versions. Cranks are often overlooked as ways to save weight, but the ROTOR Kapic Carbon Cranks are not just light but incredibly stiff. 
ROTOR Kapic Carbon Cranks weigh just r at 429 g (175 mm, 32t w/o BB). These mountain bike components are regarded as some of the best and fit the needs of the most demanding mountain bike rider.  This reduced weight can go a long way to reducing the overall weight of your bike. When your bike weighs less, you don't have to put in as much work to ride further and faster. 

How stiff your mountain bike cranks are directly affects how much power you drive to the rear wheel. A high-end mountain bike crank should feel rigid, solid, and responsive when you push the pedal. Lower-quality cranks flex, reducing efficiency as they unalign the bearings, and your pedals are not directly beneath your feet. Of course, this flex is minimal, but fitting your bike with ROTOR Kapic Carbon Cranks will help if you're looking for incremental improvements. This is why riders on World Cup circuits and endurance and marathon racers swear by riding with these cranks. 


For mountain bikers loyal to Shimano, you may want to check out the ROTOR INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible power meter. This mountain bike component is one of the most sophisticated MTB power meters on the market, compatible with Shimano® MTB cranks: XTR 9100, XT 8100, and SLX 7100.  
The thing that makes this mountain bike component stand out from others is the BCD 100. This means you can fit chainrings as small as 30T or even an oval one, such as the ROTOR Q ring. Another significant advantage of this chainring is that it is incredibly lightweight at just 99 g. 
We have used the OCA and OCP metrics to ensure you get the perfect angle when fitting this chainring. This also means the ROTOR INspider® MTB Shimano® Compatible power meter works incredibly well with the ROTOR Kapic Carbon Cranks we mentioned above. 
Regarding battery life, you have about 350 hours of use before you need to recharge. Recharging is easy as the included charger connects to your power meter magnetically. 

In Conclusion 

These fantastic bike components benefit mountain bikers worldwide. Their high-quality construction, design, and materials put them among the finest mountain bike components on the market. Investing in these ROTOR mountain bike components enhances your riding experience. For example, the power meters allow you to make data-driven decisions to reach your cycling goals.  
Furthermore, ROTOR bike components are known for compatibility with various drivetrain options, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into your existing bike setup. However, you must choose the correct components for your bike. 
Beyond their technical prowess, ROTOR mountain bike components are designed with durability and reliability in mind. Mountain bikers can rely on these fantastic products to withstand the rigors of training, racing, and adverse weather conditions, ensuring they can perform at their best without worrying about equipment failures. 

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