Which Q Rings Oval Chainring Is Better For Your Bike?

December 13, 2023 174 view(s)

Which Q Rings Oval Chainring Is Better For Your Bike?

One of the best things about cycling is equipping your bike with components that will suit you and your riding. In modern times, you have so many choices for equipment, and the possibilities for bike setups are endless.

Q Rings Oval Chainrings are a great addition for many cyclists and are often used by top professionals in the industry. If you are looking for an edge on your competition, Q Rings Oval Chainring could be the way forward.

This article will tell you all about Q Rings Oval Chainrings and why you should consider using them. Here’s what we are going to be discussing:

1. What Are Q Rings Oval Chainrings?

2. What Advantages Do Q Rings Offer?

3. How To Pick The Right Q Rings Oval Chainrings For You

1. What Are Q Rings Oval Chainrings?

Q Rings Oval Chainrings are a performance replacement for the chainrings that sit on your crank. Instead of being round like a typical chainring, they are shaped oval and change the way the chain moves around the bike. 

Q Rings actually are a very intelligent design, and what they do is reduce the load on the flat spots and increase the load where you are the most powerful. Many riders instantly feel the difference as soon as they are installed on a bike.

2. What Advantages Do Q Rings Offer?

Q Rings Oval Chainrings come with some amazing advantages. Here’s what you can expect from using them. 

Smoother Pedal Stroke

The first and one of the most noticeable differences when it comes to Q Rings is a much smoother pedal stroke. The design, being quite different from your standard circular chainring, reduces flat spots and offers a much better pedal stroke for the rider. 

Reduced Fatigue

Many riders who have used Q Rings often say they fatigue much less over their rides. With a smoother pedal stroke and a much more efficient cycling motion, it can take the edge off the legs and really help on those longer rides you might want to go on.

Reduced Injuries

Another great benefit of a smoother pedal stroke is it can contribute to injury prevention. With a smoother pedal stroke and reduced fatigue, it can take the edge off the legs and stop pesky injuries in places such as the knees.

Improved Power

When riders go over to Q Rings, it’s not rare to see an increase in the amount of power they can produce. With a smoother pedal stroke and a more efficient pedaling, it does make a big difference, especially for those cyclists who love a higher cadence. 

Better Traction

When you use Q Rings Oval Chainrings, it helps you work with your cadences much better. Many cyclists ride off-road on very steep hills like Q Rings because they can help you pedal consistently when you don’t have much traction on loose surfaces

3. How To Pick The Right Q Rings Oval Chainrings For You

If you have decided to consider a move to oval chainrings, then it’s vital that you get the right one for your bike. Here’s what you need to be taking into account.

1X or 2X

A 1X setup simplifies your drivetrain by eliminating the front derailleur and one chainring. This reduces potential mechanical issues and makes the bike easier to maintain. Generally, a 1X setup is lighter than a 2X setup due to the absence of a front derailleur, shifter, and additional chainring.

If you are currently using a 1X system, you must go to a 1X chainring. If you currently have a 2X, you must get a 2X Q Rings system.

1X chainrings and 2X chainrings are very different in their design, and they are rarely interchangeable. 

BCD Or Fitment

Next, you need to get the correct BCD for the crankset you are using. The BCD is the bolt circle diameter. Most are 110 BCD, but you will find some are 130 BCD, and also, the number of bolts that hold the chainring can either be 4 or 5.

Some drivetrain systems don’t have a BCD system and are just locked in the center. If you have one of these, you must buy the appropriate chainring to suit. A good example is the REX system. You can change the whole crankset if required on some systems.

Amount Of Teeth

You will also need to consider the number of teeth the chainrings have. The best way to go is to match what you are already using, but you can go smaller to help you climb or run a higher cadence, or you can go larger for more descending skills. 

Adjustable Or Standard

Some Q Rings that you can buy are actually adjustable. This means you decide on where and how it will affect your pedal stroke. If you go down this route, it’s good to research how to set them up. If not, go with a standard oval for a better experience.  

Aero Or Standard

Another consideration is whether you want an aero chainring or a standard chainring.

Aero chainrings can cut through the air better and are ideal for marginal gains in events such as time trials.


Q Rings Oval Chainrings are fantastic ways to improve your cycling. They offer added performance comfort and can even reduce injuries. When you buy, it’s important to ensure you're getting what you want and need. Thanks for taking the time to enjoy this article.

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