Why Does Training With Powermeter Improve Your Results?

Why Does Training With Powermeter Improve Your Results?

March 21, 2024 45 view(s)

Why Does Training With Powermeter Improve Your Results?

As cyclists, many of us want to perform better. We track our rides with fitness apps, but to truly exploit the benefits of these apps, we need accurate data. So, we're here to tell you that training with a powermeter is one of the best ways to gather accurate data. 
In this article, we'll discover what a powermeter is and how training with one improves your results. 

What Is A Powermeter ?

This is a device fitted to or inside your bike's crank to measure your pedaling output in watts. 

The data you gather from training with a powermeter gives you the opportunity to become fitter, reach your goals, and become a better cyclist. 
It's important to understand that a powermeter doesn't give you advice on how to train. The sole purpose of training with one is to use the data it provides. You or a coach can analyze the data to customize your training plans to make faster progress or contribute to race training. 

Why You Should Train With A Powermeter?

Build An Accurate Picture Of Your Cycling Performance 

The power meter on your bike constantly measures the effort you put into the pedals. The great thing about this technology is that it doesn't matter what type of terrain you're riding or your fitness level. Therefore, the data it produces is incredibly accurate, allowing you to compare it with data retrieved on future rides to check on your progression. 
Data from a powermeter is also consistent and not affected by external factors. So, if you ride at a more leisurely pace than usual, the data is still relevant. This is contrary to just using data from a heart rate monitor, which is often affected by temperature, fatigue, hydration level, and stress. On the other hand, power output is only affected by your effort. Therefore, you can analyze historical data to track your performance accurately. 

Make Every Training Session Count

When you train with a powermeter , you can make the most out of every training ride. Fitting your bike with one of these components allows you to plan each training session. Therefore, you can use your time in the most effective way possible. You'll certainly benefit from these more focussed training sessions, especially if your time is limited. 

You Can Use A Powermeter To Set Your Pace 

The benefits of riding with a powermeter go beyond training sessions. These devices are excellent tools for setting your pace during a race or event. To do this, use your powermeter to determine how much power you can produce in an hour. Using this figure, you can devise a strategy for pacing yourself throughout a race or event. 
Using a powermeter , you can ensure you don't push too hard at the beginning of a race. You can ride at an optimum pace throughout the course to ensure you have enough energy to finish strongly.

Ride More Efficiently 

Riding with a powermeter can help you ride your bike more efficiently by staying in your required training zones. Most of the time, cyclists ride at a certain level, only increasing the length of their rides. However, this isn't an efficient way to train, as you ride at the same intensity. 
But, cyclists using powermeters can focus their energy better during their training rides. This is because they can ride with varying intensities to build fitness. Additionally, powermeters allow you to schedule training sessions with different intensities accurately. Therefore, you can become a more powerful rider while taking those all-important lower-intensity recovery rides. 

Set And Reach Your Fitness Goals 

Like most cyclists, there's a good chance you want to reach a specific fitness goal. If so, you can fit your bike with a powermeter to gauge your progress and keep you motivated. You'll feel incredibly motivated to keep going when you check your data and see incremental improvement over time. This is especially the case when you see your power curve evolve, indicating how strong a cyclist you've become. But this power curve also shows where you can make further improvements. 
Analyzing data from your powermeter becomes addictive. It also acts as a confidence builder, pushing you to do more and enter events. 

Know When To Take It Easy 

Some people can't help but ride with high intensity during every bike ride. As admirable as this is, it can result in overtraining, leaving you susceptible to sickness and injury. But when you analyze the data produced by your power meter, you can determine when you should rest or take a ride with less intensity. Data analysis is much easier when you use apps like Strava or Trainingpeaks, as they tell you when you're doing too much or not enough. 

ROTOR Power Meters 

Si vous vous demandez quel compteur de puissance acheter, vous pouvez commencer par jeter un coup d'œil aux compteurs de puissance ROTOR. Le 2inpower en est un excellent exemple.  
Le 2INPower est un compteur de puissance à double face qui fournit des données complètes sur la dynamique de votre coup de pédale. Sa capacité à mesurer individuellement la puissance des deux jambes permet une compréhension complète de vos points forts et des domaines à améliorer. 
Son design parfaitement intégré préserve l'esthétique de votre vélo tout en abritant une technologie de pointe. L'une de ses principales caractéristiques est la technologie OCA (Optimum Chaining Angle), qui vous permet d'identifier votre position de pédalage optimale pour une efficacité maximale. Vous augmentez ainsi votre puissance et minimisez le risque de blessures associées à un mauvais alignement. 
La connectivité sans fil facilite le transfert des données, ce qui permet un suivi en temps réel et une analyse après la course. Que vous soyez un athlète chevronné ou un cycliste amateur, l'interface conviviale et la compatibilité avec divers appareils font du 2INPower un compagnon polyvalent pour chaque sortie. 

Final Thoughts On Training With A Powermeter

As you can see, a powermeter is a valuable tool for becoming a fitter and better cyclist. The data will highlight your strengths and weaknesses and allow you to train in the best way possible. 
It's important to remember that your bike rides are supposed to be fun, so don't let the power meter data take over your life. Use it as a guide and monitor your heart rate to see how well you are doing. 


Happy Ride #ROTORian