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Measure your performance with the best powermeters on the market

When it comes to measuring our performance on the bike, there are many tools and devices at our disposal. Without a doubt, cycling powermeters are among the most common ones. Here, we want to provide you with in-depth information about them so you can learn how they can help you.

What are powermeters?

A powermeter is essentially an electronic device whose purpose is to measure the force applied by the rider at a specific moment. This component is usually placed on the pedals or the crankset and transmits the collected information via cable or wireless technologies such as ANT+ or Bluetooth to a GPS watch or a cycle computer mounted on the bike's handlebars.

This complementary device allows the rider to know the power they are exerting with each pedal stroke. In this regard, the most commonly used value is the power-to-weight ratio, often measured in W/kg. This is highly useful for regulating forces during long and demanding challenges.

What are they used for?

These devices provide you with the ability to precisely determine your fitness level at any given moment and compare it with that of other cyclists. Similarly, they also allow for calculating training volumes and workloads in order to program and achieve performance peaks during specific phases of each season. Moreover, they are ideal for pacing and estimating effort levels.