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ROTOR Kapic Axles MTB. ROTOR KAPIC Carbon cranks compliment the evolution of wider MTB bike frames and are compatible with Boost frames CL52 (L135 axle) or CL55 (L141 axle), and Superboost frames CL56.5 (L144 axle).

ROTOR KAPIC aluminium cranks are compatible with Standard frames CL49 (L135 axle), and Boost frames CL52 (L141 axle) or CL55 (L147 axle).

KAPIC’s axle features a cleverly designed spline interface when mounted to Direct Mount chainrings that delivers a robust yet smooth engagement allowing you to maximise the efficiency in transmission of power in your pedal rotation. 

Combined with ROTOR´s modular KAPIC cranks and Q RINGS oval chainrings or Round chainrings, the innovative axle includes refined OCP Mount technology so you can now adjust your optimal chainring position by precise one-degree increments.

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ROTOR Kapic Axles MTB features:

 Weight  106.5 g (L135)  |  108.5 g (L141)  |  112.5 g (L144)  |  115 g (L147)
 Sizes  L135 | L141 | L144 | L147
 Axle  30mm

 KAPIC Carbon:  169.5 mm (L135)  |  175 mm (L141)  |  178.5 mm (L144)

 KAPIC:  164 mm (L135)  |  169.5 mm (L141)  |  175 mm (L147)


 KAPIC Carbon:  CL52 (L135)  |  CL55 (L141)  |  CL56.5 (L144)

 KAPIC:  CL49 (L135)  |  CL52 (L141)  |  CL55 (L147)

 Material  7075 aluminum alloy

 Cranks:  ROTOR KAPIC Carbon  |  ROTOR KAPIC

 Frames:  BSA  |  BB89  |  BB92  |  BB30  |  PF30  |  BB386  |  BBright  |  T47

 Discipline  MTB
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