Essential bicycle tool kit to carry in a route

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fecha22nd August 2019

There is nothing worse than going in a bicycle route and suffering a mishap in our bicycle. Fortunately, most of these problems can be solved with minor repairs in situ so we can continue enjoying our route.

In contrast with urban cycling where we can always find a garage to make repairs, if we are in route, a simple puncture can become a really big headache.

So, in order to solve unexpected events from punctures to brakes misalignments, going through chain problems, these are the tools you should take.

Replacement inner tube

Starting from the basics, in order to solve any burst tyre, the best thing we can do is carrying a replacement inner tube which will allow the replacement of the damaged one, keeping us going ahead, since it can also be a multiple bursting or such a big one that a simple patch becomes insufficient.

Removable tools

Thanks to its small size and utility, these are an essential in any bicycle tool kit. If we find ourselves in the previously mentioned situation, the removable tools will greatly facilitate us the task of removing the tyre for repairing or changing our inner tube


Bicycle patches

Continuing with possible tyre problems, one of the units we should carry for small bursting is a patch kit. You will find a large variety of patch types but, if it is possible, use those which require the use of glue.


Carrying a little pump can be very useful if we lose tyre pressure or if we have to inflate the new inner tube or the one you have repaired with a patch due to a puncture or a bursting. As you know, there is little point in taking a replacement inner tube if you haven’t got an air pump or somewhere nearby to inflate your tyre.

Bicycle spoke key

With this small tool you will be able to tighten the spokes of your bike avoiding distortions. You will also solve quickly eventual frictions between the rim and the brakes.

Chain tool

Apart from the tyres, other unit which often causes problems when going in a bicycle route is the chain. With a chain tool (or chain cutter) we will be able to open and bind the chain in the case we have any problem in a link or if it is not tense enough. It is an essential tool in our kit for any route.

Allen key

There are more and more bicycle models using this type of screws. They are small and lightweight, so we just need to take a moment to check the measurements our bike uses and we will only have to load two or three small keys for pitching, disassembling and adjusting any unit we need to.


As in the previous case, if we check the kind of screwdriver we need, we won’t have to load with unnecessary tools.  Moreover, we can find small screwdrivers with all the sizes, which are ideal for road cycling.

Classic wrench or flat wrench

In the case we need to adjust the brakes, the baffle…it is essential to carry a classic wrench or some flat wrenches.  As most of the bikes use only three nut sizes (8, 10 and 15 mm), it is better to carry those three flat wrench sizes instead of the classic wrench since they weigh less and it will be easier to adjust anything we need to.

 Although it seems to be too much, when you assemble your bicycle tool kit you will see everything fits in a small case that you can hang from your bike or even keep it on with you. It is essential to take those tools with you in order to cope with any mishap, especially if you practice any long-distance discipline.