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INpower Features: powerful and user-friendly software. OCA and Torque360 graphic.

INpower can convert any ROTOR crank into a crank axle-based power meter, which affords mountain bikers, CX racers, and triathletes the same pursuit of physiological gains historically enjoyed by road cyclists. With a nod toward ROTOR’s flagship Q-Rings, INpower features TORQUE 360 and Optimum Chainring Angle (OCA) pedal analysis, which help cyclists precisely and accurately assess force variations in their pedal stroke.

INpower Features: UBB30 / Universal Bottom Bracket

Thanks to Its 30 mm axle design and the most complete range of bottom brackets INpower is compatible with every 30mm axle Rotor crankset and is available in a wide range of cranks for multiple disciplines.

INpower Features: Tool-free battery replacement

You don’t need tools to change the INpower standard AA battery. Battery life? You can ride 3 Tours of France with a single battery.

INpower Features: Integrated electronics inside the bottom bracket

Integrating its technology inside the bottom bracket, INpower becomes protected from shocks, crashes and outside contaminants, plus maintains the bike’s original aesthetics.

ROTOR INpower Explained. Tech info and features

Pablo Carrasco, Rotor Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer explain us the main innovations and features of INpower, the innovative crank axle-based power meter.

Installing and uninstalling your ROTOR cranks*

This hands-on video shows you how to install and uninstall your ROTOR *3D+, 3D30, Flow, Power, REX 1, and REX 2 cranks.

How to install derailleur shims to fit QXL rings

Your braze-on derailleur can be adjusted to accommodate the increased ovality of QXL rings just by installing a special set of ROTOR shims. Here we show you how easy it is do.

How to mount a ROTOR 3D crankset including DTT bolt install

In this video we show how to mount a ROTOR 3D crankset including DTT bolt install

How to install Q-Rings and set the Optimum Chainring Position (OCP)

Here you will learn about the various Optimum Chainring Positions (1-5) of Q-Rings and how to install the rings on your bike.

How to fit Q-Rings with your front derailleur

In this video ROTOR’s Pablo Ortega shows you how to adjust your derailleur to accommodate Q-Rings.

How to install a press fit bottom bracket

Here you learn how to install a press fit bottom bracket in this easy-to-follow video

Setting up your ROTOR Power system with the User Software

Learn how to register and set up the software and hardware for your ROTOR Power cranks

ROTOR presents new Power Software 1.4 and firmware 0.900

Here you will learn about new features to upgrade ROTOR Power, including improved crankset activation, calibration security, ANT+ chip reset, and a new RX Level function to increase security for wireless updates.

How to install ROTOR Power and POWER LT cranks

Here we demonstrate step-by-step how to install ROTOR Power cranks on your bike and how to connect and calibrate ROTOR Power with your power meter device.