Interview with Kate Courtney, new 2018 MTB World Champion

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fecha12th September 2018

Since her racing career began in 2012, Courtney has been a podium-regular. She’s now gearing up to dominate in the women’s elite category.  Last weekend, at 22, she won her first MTB Elite UCI World Champs title in Switzerland.  She is the first American world champion since Alison Dunlap in 2001 and the fourth American woman to ever win the title.  

What do you feel about winning the most important race of the season and the one that every cyclist dreams?

Its an unbelievable feeling to have everything come together when it counts the most. I am still definitely letting the feeling sink in but couldn’t be more proud to bring the stripes home for the United States and Specialized. 

First year in elite category… first year riding with Q RINGS®… and you won the World Championship. What can you tell us about your experiences with Q RINGS® in this first season? Have you heard about it before?  

I started testing the Q rings in the fall and raced on them for the entire season. They have been a great addition to my race and training setup!            

People ask us what is the most common OCP position in our professional cyclists. In your case , which OCP position did you use in the World Championship? Do you use different OCP position depending on the track?

They have been in the same OCP #3 since my testing with the 2INpower App in the fall! 

How tall are you and what cranks size do you use? Do you use the same size for all your bikes no matter what discipline is?

I am 1,63m (5 feet and 4 inches) and ride 170mm cranks. I definitely use the same size for all bikes as they are an important component of my fit!

In the World Championship you had the opportunity to use the new KAPIC crankset, the ROTOR lightest model for XC. However, you decided to use ROTOR 2INpower MTB. Why did you choose that option?

Personally, I find the data from my power meter very valuable. It is incredibly helpful in terms of warmup and preparation – but also in this race I looked at numbers selectively to help moderate my effort on a really physically demanding course.

So far the use of power meter has been very popular for road bikes, but it is not so usual in MTB. Do you consider power meters as a trend which could make the difference for MTB trainings?

I think power meters have actually become very popular in mountain biking. They allow racers to train differently and I think most serious mountain bike athletes rely on them heavily! 

Although you still enjoying your recent victory in the World Championship and maybe is too soon to think about it, what are your goals for next season?

I am definitely still enjoying the victory and will take a break this season before resetting and focusing on next year. My biggest goals will definitely be the complete World Cup season, world championships and helping the US qualify as many spots as possible for the Olympics!



Now, check out this video of ROTOR oval chainrings and 2INpower DM MTB power meter in Kate Courtney´s bike.


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